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Monday, February 14, 2022

Front lawn view
Ester took this photo of our house as we left for church early yesterday morning. We had an overnight snowfall that coated the trees but left the road surfaces, driveways, and parking lots cleared. What a blessing for pastors and church leadership that didn't have to consider closing due to dangerous surfaces for driving or walking.

"A Lesson From Mr. Wonderful"

Message summary: As we face a circumstance in life the Holy Spirit can bring to our remembrance a portion of the Word we have read and provide an application to the very situation we are in.
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“Reflect on what I am saying, for the Lord will give you insight into all this” (2 Timothy 2:7).

Wilbur Chocolate CompanyToday is Valentine's Day when we focus on romantic love. We are joining friends for lunch at the Fox Meadow Creamery and then plan to saunter through Lititz, one of Lancaster county's most interesting small towns. (That is, if it's not too cold for Brooksyne!)

Lititz is having a Fire and Ice Festival that begins later this week so we hope to see some of the setting up. Either way it's a beautiful small town to walk through. We'll stop at the Wilbur Chocolate factory store and purchase some Wilbur Buds, which are similar to but predate the much more famous Hershey Kisses (made about 20 miles away) by about 15 years. Locals would assert they are far tastier than Hershey kisses!

Chocolates, along with flowers, are among the most popular Valentine's Day gifts.

Mr. WonderfulBut my most memorable Valentine’s Day gift was one that Brooksyne gave me about 15 years ago, a talking doll named “Mr. Wonderful” who is handsome with a full head of hair, slender body and good posture. You can't miss his big smile displaying both rows of his whitened teeth, his big feet nor the red rose in his hand. When you press his cloth hand he, in his distinguished debonair voice, utters phrases like, “Thinking of you is the best part of my whole day.” Or “You’re perfect JUST the way you are; I wouldn’t change ONE thing.”

Well, through the years we have sure gotten a kick out of Mr. Wonderful but the humorous doll has on occasion also brought some conviction!

One of my (Stephen's) weaker points is patience. We were going out and since I thought Brooksyne was ready to go I got in the car and … waited and waited. I started to get agitated, but then strangely enough the patient voice of Mr. Wonderful's loving sayings suddenly came to my mind and began repeating over and over, “Darling, take just as long as you want to get ready, I don’t mind waiting one bit.” I smiled to myself as I realized the Lord was using a silly doll to bring needed conviction toward my impatience. After I confessed to Brooksyne why I was pleasant after my long wait, she had a good laugh and thanked Mr. Wonderful!

Now, what spiritual truth am I going to get out of this story, you may wonder!

2 Timothy 2:7 states, “Reflect on what I am saying, for the Lord will give you insight into all this.” The apostle Paul urged Timothy to reflect on what he was saying. The sense of the word “reflect” is “to understand, to think over, to consider.” The Amplified Version states, "Think over these things I am saying [understand them and grasp their application]".

That’s why Scripture study and memorization are so important to the maturing Christian. As we face a circumstance in life the Holy Spirit can bring to our remembrance a portion of the Word we have read (just as I had recalled Mr. Wonderful’s perspective on patience) and provide an application to the very situation we are in.

Paul continues, “For the Lord will give you insight into all this". We may chuckle at how a silly “Mr. Wonderful” doll can give a perspective on a life situation, but oh the joy of experiencing the transforming power, conviction and perspective of God’s Word!

Be encouraged today, (Hebrews 3:13)

Stephen & Brooksyne Weber

Praying manDaily prayer: Father, I thank You for the insight given to us through Your Holy Spirit that makes us wise unto salvation and brings understanding to our interpretation of Scripture. Keep us on the right path so that we don't ignore the promptings of the Holy Spirit but are careful to reflect and ponder the truths that teach us the right way to live. May we not shrug off what You are saying to us or make excuses for our delay in obeying Your commands, through Christ we pray. Amen.

We still have Mr. Wonderful and amazingly he still works so Brooksyne wrote down his thoughtful sayings this morning for your edification and as an example to our men:
  1. I don’t need sports to make me feel complete, just you by my side to love.
  2. This evening let’s just lie in bed and talk all night.
  3. Thinking of you is the best part of my whole day.
  4. You’re perfect just the way you are. I wouldn’t change one thing.
  5. How about a big kiss?
  6. This rose is for you.
  7. Darling, take just as long as you want to get ready. I don’t mind waiting one bit!
I had shared an illustration using Mr. Wonderful in a Sunday School call (or retreat, I can't recall) and Mike, a thoughtful friend with a sense of humor came up with some statements a "Mrs. Wonderful" doll might say.

1. Dear, you go ahead and watch the game while I clean up.
2. Darling, could I massage your feet?
3. Don't hurry back from the mountains—I know how much you enjoy being out in nature with the other guys.
4. Just leave the seat up in the bathroom so it will be more convenient for you.
5. I made your favorite dessert—have an extra piece.
6. The aroma of your socks blends well with the scent of my candles.
7. I subscribed to Field and Stream to stock your bathroom with high quality reading material.
8. You don't have to say a thing—I know what you mean.
9. You just nap for a few minutes until dinner is ready.
10. You must have had a hard day—let me get you the paper and your slippers.
11. It is such a privilege to submit to you, my darling husband.
12. I got up an hour early so that you would have plenty of time in the bathroom.

Today's Suggested Music and Supplemental Resources

Downtown Lititz, PA  Video

We awoke to a beautiful snow landscape yesterday morning and want to share several photos of our home views. Tomorrow we will share several photos of our neighborhood in our scenic ride to church.

Front lawn view
The view from our front porch.

Back lawn view
Our backyard view.

Amish barnraising
On Friday we shared how our Amish neighbor's barn here on Kraybill Church Road had burnt down the previous evening and showed photos of the remarkable progress they had  made of rebuilding the barn by 11:00AM the very next morning when we passed by. Brooksyne took this photo Saturday afternoon when she dropped off some food for the 30 or so Amish men working. In the utility building next to the buggy were three or four long tables where the meals were being served to the workers. Two or three cars were lined up in the driveway as neighbors and friends brought in food supplies. The Amish do not work on the Lord's Day so we'll try to share a photo of the progress at the end of today with tomorrow's message. It's a nice day here but cold and I expect the outside work will be finished!

Our local Facebook page has had several commenting on the barnraising with lots of photos. We thought this was a good comment from Friday morning:

With all the stuff going on in the world, I know I’ve become pretty jaded. I’m definitely not impressed easily anymore but what I saw this morning blew me away…

I stopped by an Amish farm down the road that had a barn fire late last evening. I know the family a little and just wanted to offer any assistance if needed. I turned down their lane and couldn’t believe the sight. Their community had turned out first thing in the morning and practically had the barn cleared already. I figured they would turn out but thought probably next week after they had a chance to get organized. I talked to the farmer and he was overwhelmed. He told me that people just shut down their businesses and showed up. He had no idea how they had organized so fast. There was already lumber on-site and the trusses were scheduled to arrive by noon today.

There were no “look at me” people there for the media. Just people there to help out a neighbor and friend. How refreshing! It’s something I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

Calvary Church children's choir
Yesterday we were blessed to hear the children sing and my, oh my, do they ever sing out!

Jim and Fran
Before the church service yesterday I visited with Jim and Fran, noticing their matching bright red colors from across the auditorium. They are high school sweethearts from Phoeniz AZ who went to Moody Bible Institute together, served for 51 years in missions work in Italy, and have been married 64 years. Both are still vibrant in their faith and Jim sings in the choir which is how we first met Jim!

Jim and Dorothy
We joined Jim and Dorothy Schmidt for lunch yesterday in their apartment at Calvary Homes yesterday. We have been friends for over 20 years since we met them at a conference in Boston. They are enduring some of the inevitable challenges of aging but are keeping the faith in the midst of it all! The blanket on the wall is a gift from their grandchildren years ago where their photos were woven directly into this cotton blanket with tasseled edges, a perfect opportunity for grandparents to proudly talk a bit about their grandchildren and great-grandchildren when visitors arrive.

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