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(Revised June 2023)

Stephen and Brooksyne Weber 8/19

Stephen and Brooksyne Weber

Greetings to our family and friends, business associates, Daily Encouragement readers and supporters.

We would like to share this update on our family and ministry.
We continue to give a heavy emphasis on our online Daily Encouragement Ministry, which we consider our main steady, ongoing ministry. Through our various internet writings and podcasts we are ministering to thousands of people all over the world and are very grateful for the continual feedback indicating this to be true.
The entire daily project normally takes us each about 4 hours as we both work on it together in our home office on two separate computers.

We consider ourselves intentionally "multi-vocational". We also serve as part-time corporate chaplains to several local companies throughout our area. In this role we regularly visit the companies, walk through, greet and briefly visit one on one with the employees at their worksite. The goal is to provide interest and care. We also provide offsite care such as hospital visits, funeral visitations, and counseling.

Daily Encouragement Net writing ministry

Active website with current message is here.

The process:
I generally start studying and writing either the night before or very early in the morning. When I have the message essentially ready Brooksyne edits and adds her thoughts as she studies the text and my draft. She also writes the daily prayer and often adds a personal note or otherwise inserts her thoughts. While she is doing this
I search for additional supplemental materials such as music links and format the message as you will see it in the email, website and blog.  I add the photos, search for suitable music supplements and possible supplemental resource links or materials.

After this we record it for the podcast which often gives us occasion for additional sharpening and edits! Faithful listeners at times have to bear with our unprofessional but sincere oratorical deliveries as we come upon a mistake or deal with voice issues. After this is done Brooksyne again proofreads (mistakes are always looming, in part because we often seek to improve the message "on the fly" just before it's sent out!!!). It takes another hour or so to complete all the technical work in the various means of distribution; website, email list, blog and the podcast (audio edition).

Technical and Administrative work: Of course even if everything goes well there's still tech work involved and especially if we are setting up something new. However everything does not always go well and there are many components that can break down from hardware to software. Administrative work includes thanking donors and accounting for offerings to the ministry.

Additional resources: We are increasing the preparation of special resource helps for the family and church available for direct free download. Our analysis of web site statistics indicate that these special pages get a lot of use, perhaps due to search engines as well as a direct link from the daily messages. Examples include information on writing tributes, a sample prayer for pastor and a page of sympathy messages that people sent in for my mom when she passed away in November 2005.

Although we can't respond to each comment message we try to do so when a specific need is addressed and this is often done by Brooksyne. It's an extension of the many years of our pastoral ministry where she  often prays and counsels with others who have need. She's also a little quicker in responding since she's a real typist; I'm just a pick and click pecker!


We want to thank you who have supported our ministry; either by praying for us, by telling others about our internet ministry, by your financial gifts to our ministry, or by your kind words of commendation.

Asking for financial support is not something we have ever felt comfortable in doing. We choose never to whine because God is always good to us!! We trust Him to lay on the hearts of His people the desire to support our ministry according to the difference we've made in their lives, along with a shared burden to reach others with this internet ministry as a mission.  We seek to be a blessing to all and never want financial giving to be guilt driven, but rather a response of affirmation and support toward our ministry as the Lord directs. If you would like to donate to Daily Encouragement Net please see this page. This page also has some foundational fundraising principles we follow.

Donate If you would like to support our ministry financially you can give online through our mission agency with a credit card, through paypal, or you may send a check. Donations are tax deductible and will be receipted directly by our chaplaincy endorsing ministry. Here is a separate page with more information.

For current YTD offerings to this ministry see the daily email post (in the footers) or on the main website in the footers of the page.

Daily Encouragement corporate chaplaincy ministry

The last several years we have been scaling back in regard to our chaplaincy work with companies as we phase into retirement. We presently serve and/or work with the following companies and organizations in our corporate chaplaincy role:

  • Audreys - Your Hearts Delight - Lebanon, PA Wholesale distributor of home decor items.
  • JK Mechanical - Willow Street, PA  Providing installation and service for Geothermal, Heating, Air Conditioning, Solar, & More in Central Pennsylvania.
  • Kleen-Rite - Columbia, PA  For more than 50 years, the Kleen-Rite car wash superstore has focused on providing car wash owners with the widest selection of commercial car wash supplies and equipment at the best possible prices.
  • White Oak Display - Palmyra, PA A state-of-the-art designer, manufacturer and supplier of point of purchase displays. As an industry leader, they take pride in giving customers what they want Ė the first time. You have probably seen their displays in places like Home Depot, Lowes, Bass Pro Shop, Cabellas and many other retail locations.
  • We also have a consulting role and/or are on call for several other companies and ministries, as well as encouraging and assisting others in developing a local corporate chaplain ministry.

Practical ways to use this ministry.

Our other blogs:

"A Daily Prayer" - A blog simply posting a daily prayer. We keep this up each day since it's merely the prayer from the Daily Encouragement Net message!

"Clear Minded" - Due to the busyness of the daily writing in preparing the Daily Encouragement messages I don't have a lot of time for this. In most cases I now try to place these types of thoughts in a series of daily encouragement messages. But we still have some longer articles on specific issues impacting the faithful believer and the church.

"A Little Foolishness" - A humor/satire blog (a great outlet for non-serious writing but at times with a subtle message!) I only periodically get "inspiration" for this but it has several stories that get regular page views.

Family News: We have been blessed in every way including that of good health over the past year!

Be encouraged today!

Stephen & Brooksyne Weber

"Living today anchored in Godís solid foundation"