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  “Encourage one another daily” (Hebrews 3:13).

 Daily Encouragement Net is devoted to encouraging followers of Jesus Christ.



(ideas for using Daily Encouragement Net)


My desire is to freely spread ministry and I encourage the use of the Daily Encouragement Net materials in your own personal ministry. Here are some ways you may pass encouragement on to others.


1) Tastefully forward any message to those you feel might be encouraged by it. Forwards are a great way to encourage others with a message that you feel would be especially meaningful to the recipient. The best forwards in my view are when you personally note why you feel the particular message would be appropriate for the person you’re sending it to and sending it individually. (The worst forwards are those sent to a group list with no personal note, which I generally delete without reading.)


2) If you have a website consider linking directly to our site. This will give your site fresh, spiritual content, updated each weekday. All you have to do is link to the main page since the current daily encouragement is placed on that page and updated each weekday morning.


3) Place a link to the website on the signature line in your email.


4) Both the website and email message has an "Archive/print edition" link. This opens up a page that is ready to print for distribution and posting on bulletin boards.


5) The material is freely available to use as illustrations in teachings, etc. Consider stating “this material is from a website called dailyencouragement.net.”  The material may be used in bulletins, newsletters and other publications with proper attribution.


6) Here are links to a ready to print business card template and poster. The ready-made card template is to make business-sized cards that can be distributed promoting this ministry. All you need is business card stock available at any office supply. The poster may be printed out and placed on a bulletin board.


7) Radio spots are available in one minute MP3 44,100 kHz; Stereo; 56 Kbps files. Here is a sample. To request being placed on the list for these spots please contact me at this address. They will be emailed to the station.


Thank you for your interest and cooperation in spreading encouragement!



Stephen C. Weber




"Living today anchored in God’s solid foundation"