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The Tribute


Written tributes are wonderful ways of expressing our love and appreciation to those we value. I especially feel that this applies to our parents and is a wonderful way to demonstrate the Biblical commandment to "honor." For many years I have also written tributes to others who have had an impact on my life and I do so in my daily encouragement ministry whenever a person who has been significant to me passes on. My interest in this was spurred on in the early nineties by an excellent book by Dennis Rainey "The Best Gift You Can Ever Give Your Parents"




Write a very personal expression of thankfulness using specific traits and recollections. For instance, if it is for your mother this is not a general tribute to motherhood, but a very personal expression of tribute to your mother.


Let the writing reflect you. Don’t stumble over, "I’m not a writer." However, do take the time to edit carefully, getting some proofreading and formatting help if necessary.


Some of you have pain from your childhood and will find this very difficult for that reason. Can you focus on some positive aspects of your upbringing?


Carefully format in as large a font as possible for the size of paper you are using. Experiment with color but don’t use too much. You may be able to place in a photo.


Print out on a good printer in the best resolution on attractive paper.


Consider framing and using a mat if possible. With matting a tribute printed on 8.5x11 paper can be placed in a 11x14 frame, which is a dignified size.


Don’t procrastinate. You will not be sorry you did this.


A tribute is most meaningful of course when delivered while the recipient is still living.


Hand deliver it if at all possible and perhaps at a special moment such as a dinner out. However a tribute written after death can still be meaningful to others.


Example of personal tribute to parents

Example of personal tribute to a friend


"The Best Gift You Can Ever Give Your Parents" is an excellent detailed guide for preparing a tribute.




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