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We sure appreciate the input and read or listen to each comment and we are so often encouraged.  However due to the volume of comments we receive we are not necessarily able to reply personally to each one. We regret this since often readers will share a particular need or have a specific question. We certainly do pray when we receive a prayer request.

Some may be disappointed or even offended that we do not respond personally to their message. We regret that we can’t keep the “personal touch” in this regard, but we get a lot of emails and must prioritize how we handle responding to these emails. We also have a lot of other responsibilities apart from dealing with email!

We certainly try to prioritize responding to people with whom we have a personal relationship such as family and friends.

These reader comments come under a variety of categories:
  • Many just express appreciation on how an encouragement ministered to them and that’s great.  Brooksyne and I are so glad to hear that!
  • Others share a need for prayer and we will lift up the need to our heavenly Father.
  • Others have questions about what we believe on particular issues. We are just unable to dialogue on these matters. We state clearly what we believe in regard to foundational doctrines on the info page. Regular readers will also over time get a sense of what we believe on secondary issues as well. However we don’t care or have time to get into the many theological squabbles over differences that earnest Christians have. I suggest you see your own pastor or other local believer regarding these questions. Also at times I sense some merely want to see if we agree with their view on a particular subject!
  • A few are upset about something we’ve written. Although we don’t try to purposefully offend, nevertheless some are inevitably offended. If you do not find our writings encouraging and uplifting easy “unsubscribe” directions are included with each email post.
  • Some have questions about technical issues or seek our advice about getting into web and email ministry. There are many excellent resources for this and we encourage you to seek them out and use the web and email to share ministry.
  • We get requests that we place a link on the Daily Encouragement site to other ministries or sites. We have decided not to do this as there would be so many links if we honored all requests that it would be time-consuming and practically meaningless due to the length of the list. If we are selective then we would offend those we didn’t include! There are already many excellent directories of Christian ministries and resources on the web.

Thanks again for your comments!

Stephen & Brooksyne Weber

Daily Encouragement Net
495 Kraybill Church Road
Mount Joy, PA 17552

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