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Friday, June 5, 2020

On our trail ride along the Susquehanna River we passed this little photogenic kitten carried in a basket by a young teenage girl. A mostly black kitten with long white whiskers and eyebrows makes for an interesting photo.

"Proclaiming His Salvation Day After Day"

Note: We remain deeply burdened and in prayer concerning the turmoil taking place in our country and world. But above all we need the timeless truths of God's Word and a reminder of God's unfailing love that we might proclaim His salvation day after day.

Message summary:
We are to "proclaim His salvation day after day".

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“Let the morning bring me word of Your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in You. Show me the way I should go, for to You I lift up my soul” (Psalm 143:8). “Sing to the LORD, all the earth; proclaim His salvation day after day” (1 Chronicles 16:23).
Many of us with a few years in our life cycle recall the typical sound of an alarm clock, a loud, often unpleasant noise of some type that was indeed effective in waking us up, however abruptly and harshly. But in this digital age we can awaken to a variety of pleasant sounds and music of our choice.

We can program our phone to play a song so that we awaken to a song of faith rather than a pesky beep, beep, beep. A song we've been blessed by the last month or so is "The Blessing" which is a prayerful wake-up song reminding us first thing in the morning of God's unfailing love. Brooksyne recently set her alarm sound to "The Old Church Choir", a more rousing tune by Zach Williams. Ester on the other hand, who is quite tech savvy, chose an alarm that sounds like an air horn, and yet she often ignores it and we have to endure the blaring sound until she finally turns it off!

The beeping alarm is the first awareness of a new day and each day brings on new challenges and “unknowns”. Just consider all that's happened in the last two weeks with the turmoil in our cities or the last several months with the covid.

Those of us who follow the Lord rightly speak of wanting to be in the very center of God’s will. There are many areas of life in which we must seek the Lord’s will and submit ourselves to His providential direction. At times we may seek counsel from others and sometimes His will is given progressively, one direction at a time. Such is the life of faith. When we are confronted with a number of valid choices we rightly ask, “Which way, Lord?” as we trust and depend upon Him to open the right door and close the wrong one, however confusing or disappointing that may sometimes be in the short term.

But there are many other areas in our lives where the will of God is made absolutely clear to us. Today’s second verse is a portion of an ancient Psalm written by David over one million days ago. It tells us that we are to "Sing to the Lord". I am so thankful for the gift of music. Although I am certainly not gifted musically I can still sing out praises to the Lord, for He is always worthy.

God has given each of us a song today and we are called to sing it out to Him.  Some of you, like me, aren’t very comfortable singing when others are listening, but God asked for His song. It may be a song you sing heartily or a song that you carry in your heart. It might be a tune that you whistle or hum as you go about your daily duties. We consider Amish businesses where the girls often sing as they work. Whatever the circumstance, let us joyfully present that song today!

David’s ancient command to "Sing to the Lord" is directed to "all the earth", which surely includes you and me wherever we live. As we share these messages each day it is such a joy to realize that wherever you are reading this from, it applies to you!

We are to "proclaim His salvation day after day". Certainly there is an aspect that this proclaiming expresses an upward thanksgiving toward God for our salvation, but it is also a call to outward witness. The word for "proclaim" means "to announce". Today God continues to call His children to proclaim His salvation.  The world may ignore, reject and even scorn the message but the call remains, "Proclaim His salvation day after day". Among many other duties, that’s what I choose to do today and desire to do faithfully every day.

Be encouraged today,

Stephen & Brooksyne Weber

Thankful manDaily prayer: Father, there are so many believers You have gifted with the ability to write meaningful words of praise and testimony that mirror the same expression I have in my heart but am unable to put into words or musical script. Though I’ve not been given this same talent thank you for giving me the ability to sing these songs as they resonate from my heart. The Psalmist David, the greatest poet of all time, proclaimed over and over again the wonders of Your salvation. May we never tire of this glorious life-changing theme as we sing about the marvelous miracle of salvation day after day.  We want to be faithful in sharing with others this, Amen.

Today's Suggested Music and Supplemental Resources

"The Blessing South Korea"  Video  Today we dedicate this song to the believers in Korea. We have met several Koreans in the course of our work, including Christians. However we especially devote this to the memory of Karin Joy, a little Korean baby adopted by Mike and Kathy Matangelo, friends of ours. Karin Joy had heart problems that led to her early death but she opened our eyes and many others to the needs around us. We also consider the believers in South Korea have to worship God and the horrific conditions in North Korea where we are quite sure God still has a remnant. In some miraculous way may He assure them of His unfailing love and that they have not been forgotten by other believers around the world.

"The Old Church Choir"  Video  Zach Williams

Note: In Wednesday's message we wrote about notable baptisms. Derrill, a missionary to Africa, wrote:

I had a couple interesting baptisms in Africa. I always asked an African pastor to join me when I baptized. As we finished and walked up out of the river, the pastor said, "I didn't want to tell you before, but there are Hippos right around the bend". Then there was the rather eventful large baptism with 3 or 4 pastors baptizing people in Lake Kivu. One pastor dropped a rather large lady, and then there was the deadly snake swimming right there among us.

Woodpecker on suet tractor
I continue photographing birds that visit the suet feeders outside our office windows. Yesterday we had some rivalry with visits from this woodpecker, a bluebird and large crow.

Finally today:

Vallorbs sign
Many of our readers know that, in addition to this online writing ministry, we serve in several local companies as chaplains. Of course this was very impacted during the "lockdown" but thankfully we are getting back in to visit the employees. We have already been back to three of our companies: Audrey's (wholesale home decor), Smuckers (home improvement and laser) and White Oak Display (retail displays). Yesterday we got back into two more; Vallorbs (which makes parts for agricultural equipment and the power industry) and JK mechanical (HVAC). This morning I just received word from a business leader that we can visit the Kleen-Rite distribution center (wholesale supplier for cleaning, especially the car wash industry). We thank the Lord!

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