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Monday, May 11, 2020

Old Windmill Farm bunny planter
Planter on the Old Windmill Farm with the bunny made from a tree by a friend of theirs. Some people talk of being bored these days with extra time on their hands - here's a challenge: Count up how old this bunny is by the rings on his tree shaped belly.

"A Consideration Of Motherhood"

Message summary:  Today let's consider the very first reference to "mother" in the Bible.

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"Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh" (Genesis 2:24).

Yesterday was Mother's Day, one of two Fifth Commandment holidays we have each year. Of course I'm referring to the Fifth of the Ten Commandments which states, "Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you" (Exodus 20:12).

I often ask people, "Are you practicing the Fifth?" and they usually give me a puzzled look leading to an opportunity to explain the Fifth Commandment. But one man was rather perturbed at the question and informed me that he hadn't done anything wrong that he needed to practice the fifth. He thought I was referring to the Fifth Amendment, which prohibits self-incrimination for one charged with a crime!

5th Commandment

Well, everyone should practice the Fifth Commandment and on Mother's day we have often written a message using this Commandment as a theme. It is a commandment we are to practice lifelong; as children, adults and even after our parents are gone. Today, although both our mother's have moved on to heaven, we still want to honor them.

But today let's consider the very first reference to "mother" in the Bible. It comes right after Eve's special creation. Of course neither Adam nor Eve had a human mother or father and this was before they had children, thus it's a prescriptive pattern; that is, God is prescribing the pattern for marriage and the family. Actually we wonder at this point if Eve even knew what a mother was or what childbirth and children were for that matter!

Genesis 2:24 is usually used as the pattern for marriage between a man and a woman and that it certainly is, although we now see it violated in stunning ways particularly with the redefinition of marriage in the last several years.

Let us consider this statement and what is taught:
"A man shall leave his father and his mother".

A man: Although not explicitly stated this also means a woman shall leave her father and her mother and hold fast to her husband, and they shall become one flesh".

Shall leave: The pattern is that after a period of child-rearing in the home the child leaves. We can watch this now in the natural world with our various bird families. How conscientiously the mother and sometimes father bird cares for the young. But there comes a time when they are to leave the nest, which requires a little nudging by Mama Bird at times. This is true of the human family as well. Of course there are special exceptions to this such as caring for a special needs child right through their adulthood but the normal pattern is to leave and establish a new family.

His father and his mother: This teaches the pattern and design of long-term faithfulness in marriage. However long we recognize the child-rearing period to be, when the child leaves by design, he leaves his father and his mother. In so many ways this design feature has been so drastically violated and we are certainly seeing the consequences.

Let's be the remnant that follows God's pattern in relationships both with our Creator and with His creation.

Be encouraged today,

Stephen & Brooksyne Weber

Praying manDaily prayer: Father, it is Your desire that our needs and provisions are met through our family connections especially that of a mother to her child(ren). We are grateful for the many warm memories we can stir up by looking at old photos, enjoying recipes used over the years, applying a skill from our mother's teaching or example, living a life above reproach because we learned right from wrong at an early age. We thank You for Mom who played such a formative role in our lives. Since no mother or child is perfect, we look to You for those areas of deficiencies so that we can learn or unlearn things from childhood that would shrink us back from being the mother or person You desire, for our own well-being and for those we seek to influence. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

Today's Suggested Music and Supplemental Resources

Kim Collingsworth
"A Mother's Love"  Video  Jim Brickman & Mark Masri

"Mother's Day Song"  Video  Christian Paul (includes introduction)

"Give You Faith"  Video  Laura Story

 "Everything To Me"  Video  Mark Schultz

Here are some recent articles dealing with the violations in God's design for motherhood:

The New Normal  Womb for hire so a famous homosexual man can have a child and purposefully raise him without a mother. The last part is especially gripping: "No matter what we tell ourselves about how willing she was (the surrogate mother) or how better off she is now, she is harmed and so is her son – who somehow knew from the moment he was born to look for her. Unfortunately, he won’t find her."

Did You Have a Mother? An Attempt to Turn the Entire Moral Structure of Western Society Upside Down  (Scroll down to Part 2) A woman has a baby who lives in fantasy that she's really a man and wants to be considered the baby's father. You can't make this perversion nonsense up!

In honor of our mothers

Photo with Mom and MaMa and Genelle in 1960
My sister Genelle sent me this photo which shows us with our Mom and MaMa (our grandmother), on Mother's Day 1960 when I was 5 and Genelle was nearly 3.

This is one of the last photos taken of my Mom waiting on the bench beside our house for the van to taker her to her beloved Senior Center.

Our moms at our wedding rehearsal dinner 5/7/76
Here's our wedding rehearsal dinner on May 7, 1976. Ruth Sherrell would become my mother-in-law and Georgia Mae Weber would become Brooksyne's mother-in-law.

Brooksyne's family August 1957
I (Brooksyne) have been reminiscing over the last couple of weeks as I have been sorting photos. As of the last 15 years or so most all our photos have been posted on computer and not printed, but I'm sure glad for the printed versions that go way, way back. The photo above is my family and extended family way back in 1957 taken in Oklahoma or Arkansas. Mom is holding me with Daddy in top center. What I observed about this photo: as a baby sucking my left two fingers which became a problem over the years as I got way too old to get away with such babyish behavior - very, very hard habit to break (I promise I don't do that anymore). All four of the little girl dresses matched including my cousin (middle girl sucking on her beads) who lived in Arkansas. My mother made all of our clothing growing up - we were poor by every standard, but Mom had a way of dressing us up as an excellent seamstress (self-learned). We couldn't afford new furniture so Mom took in old and reupholstered making it look like new. She planted a garden every year (one year a whole acre which was way, way too much work for all of us). We canned all summer long all my years growing up. When we needed more space for our large family she built a room on the back of the garage. If we needed something Mom found a way to make it happen, at a fraction of the cost, with her expertise she honed by reading, asking, and experimenting. She only had a 7th grade education.

Mother/daughter photo 5/20
Ester took this mother/daughter photo yesterday of the two of us as we cuddled Sadie (referred to as the "grand-dog"), by the white dogwood in our front yard. Ester served us lunch after preparing her specialty, spaghetti, which is always tasty. She really enjoys special days on the calendar and never fails to make it a celebrated day in our family. I'm so thankful that as she says, our relationship is essential for a mom/daughter celebration on Mother's Day.

Trucks at drive-in church service 5/10/20
Last week we mentioned attending a drive-in service at a local church. We went again yesterday and these three big trucks joined us. Their horns proclaimed loud "Amens". Attending a service like this feels kind of like being in the "Cars" movie!

Mothers of All Kinds: Yesterday a young lady in the congregation at Faith Outreach stepped to the microphone and shared an excellent reading (one that church leaders might note for next Mother's Day). We were moved by the excellent writing as the reader took us from Eve, mother of all living, to Mary, mother of Jesus and then a consideration of mothers today. This is really worth listening to and will touch the hearts of both men and women! Thankfully, the woman who shared, also shared with me later the resource and we share it with you today.

Dorina Lazo Gilmore shared this original spoken word (embedded video and text) at the Mother's Day service at The Bridge Church in Fresno, CA. She reaches out to women and mothers from many walks of life and reminds them that they are loved and called by their Heavenly Father. Here's the video. (6:40)

Mother’s Day – A Spoken Word Tribute!  Video  (3:48) Another well-done presentation.

Finally today:

Friday I shared about a problem I had starting my lawn tractor. The first correct response came from Stephen Linde, a young agricultural engineer (Penn State grad), who correctly guessed that I had forgotten to shut off the PTO!

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