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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Rehoboth Beach DE Buddy Walk 10/6/18 (Click to enlarge)
"Buddy Walk" gathering in Rehoboth Beach
(Click to enlarge)

"Bully Or Buddy?"

Message summary: Today we all have a choice, will we be a bully or a buddy?

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"Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good" (Romans 12:21).

Saturday morning we were at the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk for the annual "Buddy Walk". On this day people with Down Syndrome and their many supporters (family and friends) gather for a walk on the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk. It's a festive type fundraiser and an activity these people look forward to each year.

We engaged in a conversation with a caring father from Maryland that we met on the boardwalk along with his special needs daughter and a beautiful Golden Doodle dog he purchased in Paradise (Lancaster Amish country). He didn't know upon purchase but has since learned how the dog senses when his daughter is going to have a seizure and alerts the family, even detecting arrhythmia in an individual. We observed many examples of esteem and kindness shown toward those with special needs demonstrating the truth of the old children's song "they're all precious in His sight".

We grew up in an era where it was not unusual to see other students bully special needs children. It was mild compared to bullying today but nevertheless was wrong and surely painful. However, we also observe there has been a greater awareness of showing love and respect to the special needs children than when we were young. In Ester's high school class there was a boy who had Down Syndrome who seemed to be a class favorite, the class mascot who was truly esteemed. Perhaps you have seen the accounts of these children being recognized as homecoming queens at various schools (see this brief video for example)

Bullying is not new. We both recall bullies growing up and it pains me to say that I (Stephen) am sure I did some bullying in Junior High School. Brooksyne poignantly recalls a girl she sought to befriend who rode the school bus in her junior high years. She was bullied intensely. She was a special needs student who endured abuse by her schoolmates daily. They would sit behind her and spit in her hair as they swore and called her filthy names. Bullying is nothing new.

But bullying is not just a problem in youth. There are bullies in every age group including senior citizens! There are bullies in politics, bullies in the corporate world, bullies in every institution. And yes there are even bullies in the church! Many years ago I dealt with a denominational bully, striving for power.

Bullying sure seems to be increasing with many additional ways to bully notably "cyber-bullying" using the internet and social media. Last week we were deeply troubled when we received the tragic news concerning a pastor's 14 year old daughter who committed suicide due to bullying. We can only imagine the lifelong grief this family will endure.

The Bible's most notorious bad boy bully was Goliath. He taunted the people of God and stirred up great fear. But as most of you know, young David put him in his place! Not as well known are bullies like Nabal in the Old Testament (1 Samuel 25) and Diotrephes in the New Testament (3 John 9,10).

Schools have programs dealing with this but foundationally bullying is a spiritual problem. Being mean to one another is a part of fallen human nature. In contrast the Scripture instructs us to "be kind to one another" (Ephesians 4:32) and to treat others like we want to be treated (paraphrase of golden Rule).

Romans 12:21
Today's main verse is a antidote to bullying, "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good" (Romans 12:21).

"Do not be overcome by evil." This applies to both the bully and bullied. When one allows a bullying attitude to overtake them they are being overcome by evil. Likewise when one is subjected to being bullied they are being overcome by evil.

"But overcome evil with good." Whenever we identify a bullying spirit upon us in the way we treat others we need to overcome that evil with good. But the same is true when we are bullied, we need to overcome it with good.

We who follow Christ experience transforming grace which compels us to heed the commands of Scripture. Our thoughts and actions reject evil and we learn to do good to others. This includes those who have sought to harm us as we seek to overcome evil with good.

Today we all have a choice, will we be a bully or a buddy?

Be encouraged today,

Stephen & Brooksyne Weber

Praying manDaily prayer: Father, just as Scripture indicates that Your Spirit who dwells within us is greater than the spirit dwelling in the world, so also the good that dwells within us is greater than the evil from the world. In our human nature we cannot overcome evil, but through our spiritual nature we conquer the ever present evil with the all-powerful good that comes from Your Holy Spirit residing within our hearts. We choose to hate evil and cling to that which is good and thereby overcome evil with good. We go forth as conquerors in the power of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Today we will share some more scenes from our visit this last weekend in the Rehoboth Beach area

Rehoboth Beach DE 10/6/18
Someone dressed the dolphin statue at the Rehoboth Beach bathhouse in a "Buddy Walk" shirt!

Rehoboth Beach DE 10/6/18
The fire department brought out the ladder truck to fly the flag at Rehoboth Beach above their display table regarding the work of rescue workers.

Rehoboth Beach DE 10/6/18 (Click to enlarge)
This is a neat way to use an old bike!
(Click to enlarge)

Brooklyn Avenue, Rehoboth Beach DE  10/6/18
Brooklyn Ave. - This is an intersection off the boardwalk at Rehoboth. I (Brooksyne) was drawn to this location as I was thinking about my dad. Monday was his 85th birthday though he's been in heaven since Feb. 2000. His name was Brooklyn from which my name is derived, though he grew up in Arkansas not New York. I was strolling through memory lane and remembering the night before he died. My mother and I were staying in the hospital room with him and it was the middle of the night. He woke us from our sleep (Mom in the recliner, me on the couch) when he cried out in a strong voice (though his cancer ridden body was very weak), "MaMa"? It wasn't a statement but a question mark. My mother quickly took his hand reassuring him she was there for him. But he paid no attention and a second time called out, "MaMa"? I got up from the couch and stood by his bedside. He was not communicating with us at all. Finally, after I gave it some thought I said to Mom, "Mama, he is not calling out for you. He is seeing his mother in heaven and calling out for her." Mom, who was trying her hardest to keep Daddy from leaving us, shook her head and acknowledged, "I know." It was some time later that I thought more about his calling out his mother in a questioning manner. I believe he was seeing her walking toward him preparing to greet him in heaven. But she now lived in her new imperishable body, no longer her dementia state that she endured for many years before her death. I believe he was excited but was just making sure it was really his Mama that he loved and respected so much! (Thanks for traveling with me down memory lane.)

Rehoboth Beach DE beagles 10/6/18 (Click to enlarge)
Happy looking beagles - the third from the left is Brooksyne's favorite - such a happy, happy dog!
(Click to enlarge)

Today's Suggested Music and Supplemental Resources

"Overcome Evil With Good Romans 12:21"
  Video  Steve Green

Buddy Walk is, as I found out, a national program!

Finally today:
Kleen-Rite SEO team 10/5/18
Work looks very different depending on location and type. These women are both SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialists for Kleen-Rite Corp, a wholesale distributor of car wash supplies where we serve as chaplains.

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