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August 29, 2018

Cornwall PA railroad bridge
Yesterday we passed under this old-fashioned stone railroad bridge in Cornwall, PA.

"A Consideration Of Old-Fashioned"

Message summary: By God's grace let us hold fast to the truths of the Bible today, even if we are called "old-fashioned"!

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"Beloved, while I was making every effort to write you about our common salvation, I felt the necessity to write to you appealing that you contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all handed down to the saints" (Jude 1:3).

The last several days we mentioned the remake of an "Old-Fashioned Revival Hour Rally" we attended and participated in on Sunday. It was based on a radio program by that name out of Pasadena, California that aired from 1937-1968. Of course now when we hear that type of music we heard at the rally we consider it really "old-fashioned". However that was the name of the program when it was contemporary and many of the songs were relatively new.

These days you probably wouldn't want to have "old-fashioned" in the title of a program unless all you hoped to reach were older people!
For many "old-fashioned" is a dreaded term. So many want to be contemporary, trendy, and cool. To be described as "old-fashioned" would be the ultimate put-down to those who strive to be contemporary!

We want our ministry; both these daily encouragement messages and our chaplaincy to appeal to all ages. I was blessed several weeks ago when I met a young engineer named Chris whom I think would be seen as pretty "cool" by his peers who told me he regularly listens to our messages!

We think the young can benefit from their elders and the elders can benefit from the younger. The younger offer fresh insight, energy and zeal, while the older offer perspective based on experience, timeless principles and applied wisdom.

But when we were young "old-fashioned" was a term we
certainly didn't want to be labeled with, at least in regard to style of music. Following our training for ministry we planted a church using contemporary music even though that music would seem old-fashioned now. Consider though that the very latest, cutting edge, contemporary worship styles used now will seem old-fashioned 50 years from now so get used to it!

Years ago I read an interesting perspective by Warren Wiersbe pointing out the fallacy of the term "contemporary". After all, the music we consider old now was new at one time and thus contemporary. Since songs have been written in each generation there has always been contemporary music. It's kind of hard for us to imagine when "Victory In Jesus" first became popular and was a new "contemporary" song but it most certainly was!

There are many ways in which being old-fashioned is very desirable. Today let us consider two:

1) Let us be unashamedly and unapologetically old-fashioned when it comes to holding firmly to the teachings of the Bible, the apostle's doctrine. That's described in our text as
"the faith which was once for all handed down to the saints". Many now mock the teachings of Scripture that have been held dear by earnest believers for nearly 2,000 years; the Genesis creation account, Biblical miracles, the virgin birth, the atoning death and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. These truths are scorned by modernists as being hopelessly old-fashioned in our enlightened age.

Let us be unashamedly and unapologetically old-fashioned concerning the ever changing beliefs regarding sexual morality and gender! I just read an article about an "esteemed" college that now provides gender identity buttons for students to wear since it's now apparently impossible to identify whether one is a boy or girl by appearance and one will be deeply offended to be misidentified. How in the world has the human race survived! Now those of us who hold to the Biblical teaching concerning marriage between one man and one woman and from creation "male and female he created them" are increasingly viewed by dominant culture as old-fashioned, unenlightened and most effectively hateful.

Call me "old-fashioned", that's OK with me. I take seriously the call of Jude in the daily text to "contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all handed down to the saints". The word translated "contend" means to "struggle for". We thank God for ministers and lay people alike who are unswerving in their commitment to uphold these truths.

"Once for all" is also very significant. The Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (Kittel) states that this "refers to the definitive nature of Christian teaching (the faith) by which we know all that is needed for salvation and which we are thus to hold fast." This has been handed down or entrusted to us.

By God's grace let us indeed hold fast to the truths of the Bible today, even if we are called "old-fashioned"!

Be encouraged today,

Stephen & Brooksyne Weber

Praying manDaily prayer: Father, as I consider the long-range history of humankind since the beginning of creation one recurring theme is evident throughout the generations. Change is inevitable and generally an indicator of discovery and development resulting from people's intellect, giftings, skills and Your blessings. Other changes evidenced over the centuries are changes in fashions, foods, attitudes, governments and in many other ways. In a world of uncertainty and change I'm so thankful that I can be certain of Your Word and its relevance in my life. It does not change based upon the climate of our society or require reinterpretation to accommodate our preferences. Our days on earth are like grass; we bloom and die. The wind blows, and we are gone, as though we had never been here. In a changing world You are my unchanging God and Your love endures forever. You are indeed the same yesterday, today, and forever! AMEN.

Cornwall PA railroad bridge
Yesterday we also passed by this old-fashioned iron railroad bridge in Cornwall, PA.
The railroad grade is now used for the Lebanon Valley rail trail, an excellent rail to trail we have ridden on many times.

Today's Suggested Music and Supplemental Resources

Years ago we wrote a message titled "That Old-Time Religion" in which Brooksyne shares a perspective from her childhood and a visit to a mountain church in Arkansas.

"Still"  Video  Legacy Five

"This old world just keeps spinning faster than it's ever spun before and we read every day of disasters and wonder what else is in store. But we can close our eyes and sleep at night knowing that in the clear morning light, the Bible still has the answers. God is still on the throne. He still pours out His blessings."

"Still"  Video  Greater Vision

They say time's are changing so we should change to
Trade our ‘old-time' religion for something new
Our faith is outdated, why live in the past
Well my answer is simple so if you ask

I still love to hear how God's love paid the cost
As passion was fastened by nails to a cross
I still love the sound as the saints start to sing
Songs of the blood Jesus shed just for me
I still love an altar where broken ones pray
And find what is found in no other way
It may be old fashioned but it's real

So I'll stay on the old path that brought us this far
That saved countless millions and reached hardened hearts
And though times are changing and forever will
There'll still be one Savior, one Calvary's hill

"You Can't Do That Anymore"  Video  The Crabb Family

Our friend Tommy Carpenter tells the story of how "Victory In Jesus" was written in his Uncle Carl's home in rural Arkansas in our post "Even Unto Death".

"Broken People Like Me"  Video 
Old Paths

"When I Cry"   Video  Marshall Hall, Guy Penrod, Wes Hampton

Article on gender pronoun buttons (I don't think this is satire)

Follow-up to my medical visit: Yesterday I had breathing tests and visited a pulmonologist regarding a long-time breathing problem which really flared up last month. It appears that I have asthma and allergies. I was prescribed a different inhaler and allergy medication. I will also have a sleep study. Thank you for your continued interest, prayers and encouragement.

Finally today:
Palmyra home edition
We passed this stately brick home yesterday in Palmyra, PA and Brooksyne observed that these folks must have decided to build an attached storage unit since it has no windows and one could surely not stand up in it. When you get too much stuff you just stuff it in the storage unit without paying a monthly fee. However we certainly observe this was not the best aesthetic choice!

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