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August 24, 2018

Mascot Roller Mill
Mascot Roller Mill was built in 1760 along Mill Creek on Stumptown Road in eastern Lancaster County. For nearly 250 years this old stone mill has stood the test of driving rains, rising streams, and howling winds.

"The Blessed Sound Of Millstones"

Message summary: Today let us especially consider the blessings of the sounds of commerce.

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"I will banish from them the sounds of joy and gladness, the voices of bride and bridegroom, the sound of millstones and the light of the lamp" (Jeremiah 25:10).

Let us consider pleasant sounds. Right now in our area every evening we hear scores of crickets, locusts and other creatures making their loud night sounds. At times it seems so loud we wonder if it would meet OSHA workplace safety standards for a safe sound level in a workplace! But we enjoy it. I, more so than Brooksyne since she gets a little sad as summer is nearing an end which always brings about these creature sounds. I, on the other hand, always look forward to the cooler weather during the fall season.

A great sound early in the morning is the crowing of my neighbor Marvin's rooster. It's not loud but quite distinct and a reminder of country living.

Sizzling baconAnother great sound is the sizzling sound of meat grilling over a hot fire. ("Sizzle" is one of my favorite words!) It brings to mind a thick juicy hamburger or steak on the grill or bacon in the frying pan. Or when the waiter brings the sizzling Fajitas out in a Mexican restaurant! However I would probably not enjoy that sound if I saw sizzling locusts, although people in some cultures would, along with John the Baptist!

The daily text is a prophetic statement describing conditions that would occur when the nation of Judah fell captive to Babylon. The sounds indicative of the good life would be banished from them such as those things and experiences that bring about "sounds of joy and gladness".

The text illustrates with the sounds of a wedding, "
the voices of bride and bridegroom". Weddings have lots of joyful sounds. These sounds include music, the vows and perhaps some impromptu sounds that make every wedding unique. When a phone started ringing in the middle of a wedding the minister was not amused. As he started lecturing the congregation about turning off their phones, he realized it was his cell that had been ringing. Oops.

Today let us especially consider the blessings of the sounds of commerce.
There are a lot of these sounds. Let me share some I hear in the early morning as I step outside before 6:00 AM in our quiet rural setting before we leave for work:
  • My neighbor (same one that has the rooster) leaving for work in his big construction truck. Marvin's a hard worker and that's a blessing.
  • Each Thursday the garbage truck stops by around 6:00 AM to pick up our trash. These men must get up really early and work hard all day and given little notice except when they're blocking your path on the road.
  • The predictable sounds around 6:00 AM of the large UPS and Fed-Ex jets flying over on their approach to Harrisburg International Airport bringing in all the stuff that will a short time later be loaded into trucks for delivery throughout our region.
  • If I listen carefully depending on wind direction I might even hear the sounds of our neighbor Lester's milk barn and the sounds of the early morning milking.
Today's text refers to "the sound of millstones". I wonder if you've given much thought to this sound and what this phrase means. Have you ever heard "the sound of millstones"? We have a lesser known tourist attraction here in Lancaster County known as Mascot Roller Mills. You can tour the mill and they actually "turn it on" so you can actually hear the sound of the millstones. It is a distinct sound which would have represented a good harvest and thriving economy.

Although we don't hear the sounds of the millstone much now in our modern life we may hear other similar sounds representing God's blessing on mankind's work. We made chaplaincy visits to five different companies yesterday and heard these sounds:
  • A group of engineers working together to improve a product
  • The distinct sounds of welding, huge laser cutting machines, presses and other machinery.
Part of our thankful, positive attitude in life is expressed as we listen to the many sounds around us, not only the sounds of nature and a joyful event like a wedding, but also the sounds of commerce as we hear the Lord at work in a variety of ways. Listen today for pleasant sounds in your life that are often taken for granted.

Be encouraged today,

Stephen & Brooksyne Weber

Praying manDaily prayer: Father, we're thankful for the immense variety of sounds that fill our day such as voices, machinery, music, prayer, wildlife, insects, and so much  more. Those we usually take for granted are blessings You give that bring joy and gladness to our lives. We pray for our brothers and sisters who are hearing impaired and thank you for the aids and support given to them through various ministries and organizations. There is no greater "sound of joy or gladness" than that of hearing the voice of one(s) who surrenders his or her life and receives glorious forgiveness. Help us to be faithful workers in the harvest so that we can rejoice in the victorious sounds of the spiritual harvest of the souls of men and women, boys and girls. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

Today's text uses millstone in a positive sense. But I suspect when most of us think of a millstone in the Bible we think of this verse, Matthew 18:6.

Tent revival sign
Yesterday we passed this sign near New Holland where a tent revival is being held in a farmer's field.

Tent revival tent
It's a huge tent and we hope there are big crowds with people of all ages to hear the Gospel. Here's the website. They are posting a live feed each evening and you can also watch previous messages. Stephen and I watched last night's service which brought warm memories of my spiritual heritage of sitting outside in an open air tabernacle where I surrendered my life to Christ at a youth camp during my young teen years. While we watched the service online it was a beautiful sight to see the responsiveness of the Plain and old-order Amish and Mennonite folks. You can also hear the insect sounds in the background!

Stephen with Val-Co tug of war rope 8/23/18
Stephen is a young enthusiastic agricultural engineer at Val-Co company. He showed me his tug-of-war rope he made out of baling twine.

Val-Co tug of war 8/23/18
The company had a tug-of-war competition yesterday with 4 teams of five striving to win the prestigious company tug-of-war championship.

Val-Co tug of war 8/23/18
Our friend Joe took these tug-of-war photos.

Val-Co tug of war champs 8/23/18
The champs!

Lancaster County backroads 8/23/18
We always enjoy the traffic on the rural back-roads

Today's Suggested Music and Supplemental Resources

The sound of the millstone  Video  They say you can find about anything on the internet so I checked and indeed here it is!

"The King Is Coming"  Video  Gaither Vocal Band

The first verse of this song alludes to silence in the marketplace

The marketplace is empty
No more traffic in the streets
All the builders' tools are silent
No more time to harvest wheat
Busy housewives cease their labors
In the courtroom no debate
Work on earth is all suspended
As the King comes thro' the gate

Mascot Roller Mills and Ressler Family Home

"Take My Hand, Precious Lord"  Video   Marshall Hall, Angela Primm, Jason Crabb and Homecoming Singers This video is set in an old-time tent revival service.

Rally posterT
he Pleasant View Community Chorus of Manheim and the Calvary Church choir (the choir Brooksyne is in) will present a remake of the Old-Fashioned Revival Hour radio broadcast in a presentation in the Calvary Church auditorium (here) on Sunday, August 26, at 3 p.m.

The audience is invited to sing along with the choir on familiar songs from a bygone era.

Admission is free, and tickets are not required. For more information, readers may call 717-509-6249.

Brooksyne's note: I am very excited about the "broadcast" being recreated on Sunday afternoon. I was at practice last evening and had the opportunity to see firsthand the broadcast format. It was delightful and also created a very spiritual setting. The choir will sing with the congregation 10 or 11 hymns and choruses commonly sang in bygone years. Afterward we in the choir talked about how spiritually uplifting it was to sing the hymns we grew up learning. I hope you can come, for I assure you it will be a blessing to you and whomever you bring.

"The Old Rugged Cross Made the Difference"  Video 
Guy Penrod and the Gaither Vocal Band  (We are looking forward to hearing Guy Penrod in a concert in Lebanon this coming Sunday evening. See here for info.)

Finally today:
We are abundantly blessed with our home grown tomatoes. There's nothing like the taste of a fresh tomato pulled right from the vine. If you live nearby drive over and we'll share our blessing with you.

Brooksyne's vegetable salad 8/23/18
For dinner tonight I had plenty of tomatoes so I made a couscous vegetable salad and, if I say so myself, it was tasty. At least Stephen was very happy with the outcome! I made some couscous first, then chopped the following vegetables:  1 large tomato, green pepper, 1/2 onion, one jalapeno (minus the seeds) chopped very small, 1/2  C. fresh uncooked corn, one avocado, 1/2 C. or more of feta cheese. I added chopped lebanon balogna and then stirred in cider vinegar and olive oil (probably 1/3 C. mixed together - enough to make it easy to stir). This isn't exactly a recipe but since I just threw it together I don't have one. I know our readers like a recipe when I feature a dish. Actually this is only 1/3 of the bowl I mixed together as Stephen and I ended up eating 2/3 of the salad before I thought to take a photo. Let me know if you try it.

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