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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Horses on Kraybill Church Road 7/20/10
Horses grazing on Kraybill Church Road

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"The Great Sustainer"

"Even to your old age and gray hairs I am He, I am He who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you" (Isaiah 46:4).

One of the ways I got acquainted with Brooksyne in college was when I scheduled a haircut with her.  She was a hairdresser and often cut the male students' hair in the laundry room. She had a better price than the barber shop besides being better-looking! In those days the Bible school rules stated that a male student's hair was not permitted to grow over the ear. That's one rule I didn't mind following  since it gave me plenty of opportunities to have her run her fingers through my hair.  Who would know at that time that she'd still be running her fingers through my hair thirty seven years later?

I'm very pleased that I still have hair to cut unlike some of my peers but, truth be told, I am getting more and more gray hair.  Brooksyne (lovingly) reminds me each time she gives me a trim. I prefer to still see myself as middle-aged but I know age progresses on for all of us. An older individual wrote and summed it up this way, "When they talk of older people I never think they are talking about me.  Old is always older than I am."

In the daily Scripture portion the Lord is speaking through Isaiah.
"Even to your old age and gray hairs I am He, I am He who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you."  What a wonderful assurance this statement brings to the believer, especially as we grow older.  How powerful to read a proclamation by God made over 2,700 years ago that remains just as true and effective today!

It looks back to the self-revealing One that Moses encountered at the burning bush some 700 years before this who said, "I AM THAT I AM."  It looks ahead to the One who spoke the words again some 700 years later stating, "I am."  And today
He still declares, "I am He."

I want to encourage each reader to draw strength from God's promises in this verse:

I am He who will sustain you.
    I have made you.
        I will carry you.
            I will sustain you.
                I will rescue you.

Notice the promise that God will sustain is repeated twice in the text as to give us double the assurance. Sustain is also translated "I will bear you" (NASV) and  "I will take care of you" (New Century Version).

"I have made you and I will carry you."  This is a contrast to the inanimate false gods that are made by man and must be carried from place to place.

"I will rescue you." He will rescue us from the inevitable problems of life.

"He has cared for us from the beginning of our lives, continues to act on our behalf, and will sustain us even to the end." *

What troubles you today?  What big problem are you dealing with that just seems insurmountable?  God is a lot bigger than any problem. Remember to give Your problems to Him as He cares for you moment by moment, day by day.  Don't get ahead of Him or that will lead to worry and anxiety.  He reveals His grace as the problems unfold but doesn't reveal how His grace will work out for the "What if's" our troubled mind dwells on about future events (most never come to pass in the first place). Let us be careful not to rob ourselves of the peace He grants us today.

God will not fail you.  You can stand on that promise for it is based on His inerrant enduring Word of truth!

Be encouraged today,

Stephen & Brooksyne Weber

Daily Prayer: Loving Father, I am full of gratitude today as I consider Your abiding presence in my life, day in and day out.  You planned my existence in my mother's womb even before I drew my first breath.  While so many people have come into my life and exited over the years You abide with me forever.  When the path before me is unclear You always go before me sustaining me in my wilderness journeys. Though all forsake me You remain faithful.  Remarkable as it seems, even if I  am faithless, You will remain faithful, for You cannot deny Yourself.  Thank You for being my Supreme Savior and the Sustainer of my soul.  In Jesus Name, Amen."

* Note from the "Full Life Study Bible"

Scenes From A Morning Walk
In Our Neighborhood

Kraybill Church Road farmwork 7/20/10
Kraybill Church Road which runs for nearly two miles.  We live on the other end of this lane, but enjoy walking this side of the road to see the farm view.  We have two Amish neighbors who farm the old-fashioned way!  You can see Eli's horses turning around in the photo.

Kraybill Church Road clothesline 7/20/10
The laundry is hung out quite regularly from house to barn.  There are two or three youngsters in the household plus farm helpers!

Kraybill Church Road mailbox with flowers 7/20/10
On up the street to another Amish neighbor who raise mums and asters for the fall.

Kraybill Church Road sunflowers 7/20/10
Our newest neighbors have twenty High Tunnel Greenhouses and many acres of flowers including these sunflowers grown for commercial florists.  What a beauty to behold.  Our longtime readers will recall our long time friendship with the Lapps who moved from our area several years ago.  Their farm was sold to a commercial grower and we couldn't be happier with the colorful and fragrant results, though we sure miss our frequent get-togethers with Jesse and Anna Ruth along with their children (four of them now)!  We now travel over twenty miles to visit them.

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"He Will Carry You"
 Video  Scott Wesley Brown

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 Video  Maranatha Singers

"Tears Are A Language"  Video  Heavenbound

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