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“Encourage one another daily” (Hebrews 3:13).

 Daily Encouragement Net is devoted to encouraging followers of Jesus Christ.


To have the "Daily Encouragement" e-mail devotional perspective (published Mon.-Fri.) sent directly to your email address merely fill out the form and click the "subscribe" button. (Please carefully verify that your email address is correct before clicking the subscribe button.) You should immediately receive an email requesting that you confirm your subscription. Merely reply to that email and then you will receive a welcome message and begin receiving the messages daily. Note: You must confirm your intent to subscribe to be placed on the list.  If the automatic subscribe function does not work for you send an email to this address and request a subscription.

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Weekly Version: The weekly version is designed for those who do not check their email regularly. It is merely the Friday message with a link to previous messages. To receive the free weekly version, send a blank email to this address.

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