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Monday, April 28, 2008

Split rail flower bed
Split rail flower bed on Nissley Road
Lancaster County is known for its well-maintained farms.
This is a side yard to a farm up the road from us.
The livestock is at the back of the photo.

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"Never Forgotten"

"The chief cupbearer, however, did not remember Joseph; he forgot him" (Genesis 40:23). "O Israel, I will not forget you" (Isaiah 44:21b).

Have you ever been forgotten by someone else? Of course you have. Have you ever forgotten something very important concerning someone else or forgotten to do a favor for someone? Certainly you have. I just did this (again) yesterday morning after Brooksyne asked me to make a delivery of music to the men's ministry leader in our church.

Brooksyne was unable to attend our own church because she was helping a new believer to find a church near her home on the other side of Lancaster. (Knowing, as a brand new believer, the young lady would unlikely go on her own Brooksyne picked her up and attended with her.)  

So before she left she went to the trouble of putting the important papers I was to deliver in the driver's seat of the van so I wouldn't miss them when I hopped in to start the engine.  But, mindlessly, I must have put the papers beside the seat and forgot all about it. When she asked me if I made the delivery you can imagine that I was rightfully scolded for neglecting my duties!

I shared about my day to day forgetfulness that we all deal with from time to time, some more than others and frankly for us anyway its increasing as we get older!

But today I want to look at two verses that show a remarkable contrast between the forgetfulness and neglect of man and mindfulness of God. The first one concerns Joseph who, as a prisoner, finally found the perfect opportunity for his release. He had interpreted a dream for Pharaoh's cupbearer, which had a favorable outcome, saving the cupbearer from death. Joseph appealed to him to mention his unjust imprisonment to Pharaoh. But the cupbearer, in spite of the remarkable turnabout in his life, forgot.

Isn't it reassuring that God never forgets us? God remembered Joseph and He will always remember us. We can claim the promise in Isaiah 44. Although it speaks specifically of Israel, it surely also speaks to us today due to God's immutable (unchanging) character; "I will not forget you."

This is especially important to remember during the mysterious delays of life. During times like this we may misunderstand God's "apparent" silence. Believing friend, He has not forgotten you any more than He had forgotten Joseph. Two full years later Pharaoh himself had a dream, and you know the rest of the story (if not, please read Genesis 41.)

Are you facing a delay in life? Is there silence in regard to direction from the Lord? Perhaps it seems that God has forgotten you. No, no, absolutely not! Hold on to your faith. In His time He will make a way. Be assured He has not forgotten you.  We are never forgotten by God!

Be encouraged today,

Stephen & Brooksyne Weber

Daily prayer:  Father, as we examine the emotional pain of our lives, when it seems as though You've forgotten about us, we often start out with the question of "Why?"  But in hindsight we realize that those struggles taught us practical truths that we could not learn overnight but over time, and that there truly was purpose in our pain and in Your timing.   Help us to model integrity and steadfastness in the midst of the severe struggles and sweeping storms of life.  Your eternal purpose is greater than our temporal pain.  Remind us that it may not just be for our own instruction but for others looking on who may learn from our difficult experiences.  Amen.

Roxie practicing pet therapy
Brooksyne took Roxie on a recent visit to Longwood Manor, a local assisted living facility.  Bess loves animals and she looks amazing for a woman in her mid 90's!

Friendly goat
One of our animal friends that we see daily on our walk.  This goat, along with two others, always announce our coming with their Ba-ah's and come running to the edge of the fence.  Dancer, the shetland pony, also accompanies them.

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