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Thursday, November 16, 2006

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"A Scroll Of Remembrance"

"A scroll of remembrance was written in His presence concerning those who feared the Lord and honored His Name" (Malachi 3:16).

Today is a special day of remembrance for me. My Mom passed away on this very date one year ago. My Mom made an impact upon many lives and today I want to honor her.

A thought-provoking message on a church sign states: "What are you doing in life to make a lasting impact?"  I would like to further crystallize this message for each reader by urging you to keep this question before you: "What am I doing in my life that is making an eternal impact for Jesus Christ?"

Near Carthage Missouri there's an interesting place that we visited many times when we were younger. It's about halfway between Brooksyne's childhood home in Tulsa, Oklahoma and mine in the Kansas City area.  The "Precious Moments" chapel was developed by Samuel Butcher, who is best-known for the "Precious Moments" collection (teardrop porcelain figures).  He is a Christian and there is a strong testimony for Christ in the Chapel. I have not been to the Chapel in many years but I know what I will do the next time I visit.

In the back of the Chapel there are several rooms with large books in which people are encouraged to record a brief memory concerning a deceased loved one.  Many of these memorial tributes are very moving.  They express the love and appreciation for those who have gone on before us. Many of them write of the impact the loved one has made on their lives.  Kleenex boxes are strategically placed around the room for good reason!  It really is a very moving experience.  This next summer we have a trip planned to southern Missouri and I hope to visit the Chapel and write a remembrance for both my Mom and Dad.

A similar "scroll of remembrance" that Malachi refers to can be written by you as well.  It may be a tribute to the living or a memorial to the dead.  Our lives have been immeasurably enriched by those whom God has placed in our paths.  One by one they go on before us and eventually it will be our turn.

Today pause for a moment and consider at least one person who has made an eternal impact on your life and raise a prayer of thanksgiving for this person.  And again keep this question before you. "What am I doing that is making an eternal impact for Jesus Christ?" After all who will write about you in a scroll of remembrance and what will they write?

Be encouraged today,

Stephen & Brooksyne Weber

Daily prayer: Jesus, I want to thank You for Your goodness in supplying for all my needs.  Certainly You've blessed me with physical blessings such as food, clothing, shelter.  You also shower me with spiritual blessings as You place godly men and women in my path who revere Your holy name and honor You with their lives.  They live above reproach and are examples of those who have overcome the world!  Jesus, just as You brought these dear brothers and sisters into my life for a season, I pray that I, too, will make a positive difference for those who are presently watching my life.  I want my testimony to be an example of Your life-changing, all-sufficient, and all-sustaining grace.  Amen.

Here's a tribute to my Mom.

Here is information about the Precious Moments Chapel including photos.

This morning Brooksyne and I have been invited to an Amish wedding and are looking forward to this experience in honoring marriage along with the bridal party and the many who will gather as witnesses.  Here's information about Amish wedding customs and what we can expect.  The wedding will be held in a large barn-like workshop with over 400 guests expected, most of them arriving by horse and buggy. It is a real honor that the bride's parents, who are friends of ours, requested our attendance.  As the father was inviting me he shared some concerns they have had in their culture particularly in light of the Nickel Mines shootings last month.  Curious guests will enter into their services and either attempt to record the services or take photos using cell phones.

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