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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Photo of my grandparents, George and Nellie Mae Steincross
My grandparents, George and Nellie Mae Steincross


"Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful" (1 Corinthians 4:2).

I saw a thought-provoking message on a church sign.  "Better to be faithful than famous".  Although there are certainly some famous people that are also faithful it occurred to me how often those whom so many recognize as "famous" are certainly not faithful.  Merely consider famous names in sports, entertainment and politics.

I recall staying with my grandparents in tiny Harwood, Missouri one summer.  My PaPa (as I called my grandfather) had been in business and was well known throughout that rural area as a man of honor and integrity.  I wanted to go fishing so he called a local farmer to get permission for me to fish in his farm pond. 

Well, what do you suppose a fourteen-year-old does when the fish aren't biting?  I looked up toward the farmhouse and seeing no one looking I went swimming.  Well, it turns out someone was watching.  When I got back did I ever get chewed out!  PaPa emphasized that he had trusted me and I had violated that trust. I still remember that lesson to this day.  What hurt me most is that I had disappointed my grandfather.

As followers of Christ we've been given a trust. The apostle Paul wrote, "Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful."  We are stewards of God's truth and it is required that we be faithful.  This is fundamentally expressed spiritually but in reality spiritual faithfulness is always expressed in practical ways as well.  Are we faithful to our spouse and family?  Are we faithful to our church and our ministry responsibilities?  What about in regard to our work related duties and financial commitments? 

May the Lord help us all to keep the commitments we make.  In fact the greatest approbation we will ever receive is when we hear the words from our Lord, "Well done, good and faithful servant"
(Matthew 25:21).  Indeed, it's definitely better to be faithful than famous!

Oh, may all who come behind us find us faithful,
May the fire of our devotion light their way.
May the footprints that we leave, lead them to believe,
And the lives we live inspire them to obey.
Oh, may all who come behind us find us faithful. *

Be encouraged today,

Stephen C. Weber

Daily Prayer:  Lord, You've given us so many venues in which we have opportunity to prove ourselves faithful.  In our relationships, our work, our ministries and the marketplace we want to be faithful in the responsibilities You've given to us.  When we're tempted to compromise our integrity due to insurmountable pressures we face help us to remember that faithfulness to You is the greatest reward.  To hear You say, "Well done, good and faithful servant" are the most joyous words of affirmation we will ever receive!  Keep us faithful, Lord Jesus.  Amen.

Update on Ester:  We thank God for Ester's good report yesterday.  The x-ray taken at Hershey Medical Center showed that the fluid around her lung is lessening.  She also saw her regular cardiologist who seemed pleased with her progress.  She continues to take five doses of diuretics a day to deal with the fluid over the next two weeks when she will be x-rayed again.  We trust, by then, that it will be a non-issue at that point.

Photo of Amish chariot
Meals on Wheels: The night after we returned home from our trip to Boston our neighbors delivered a home-made meal to our door.  Jesse and baby Sadie Ruth sat in the seat directing the horse. Anna Ruth and Moses followed in the attached wagon (barely visible) as they held onto the basket of food.  What a gracious blessing the meal was as well as their thoughtfulness.

* "Find Us Faithful" Mohr, Jon © 1987 Birdwing Music (ASCAP) (a div. of EMI Christian Music Publishing) / Jonathan Mark Music (ASCAP) ARR UBP of Gaither Copyright Management CCLI License  No. 2005306  Audio clip of "Find Us Faithful"

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