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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

"Clearly Seen"

"For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities—His eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse"  (Romans 1:20).

Yesterday was a nice, warm spring-like day in our area.  I had a break during the day so I took my dog for a long walk back through the farm fields behind our house all the way to a trout stream. I laid down on my back in a lush field of green grass and just soaked in the sun for a few minutes.  At times like this I especially ponder the wonders of God's creation.

"The universe declares your majesty", a line from the popular song, God of Wonders, came to mind in that outdoor setting.  What a remarkable blessing to see God's handiwork in His creation which is also a declaration of His majesty.

During my life I've met a quite a number of electrical engineers.  In fact the very first recipient of this devotional series has a doctorate in electrical engineering from Princeton and now works in the Boston area in research with MIT. 
(It's also a blessing that after nearly ten years he is still on the list and we maintain contact. He and his wife and son live faithfully for the Lord.)

I recall a conversation I once had with an electrical engineer. I'd observed over the years that there is a large percentage of electrical engineers I've met who are Christians and asked him his opinion on why this is so.  His answer was very interesting.  He shared how in his field of study there's a focus on a power that is present but its source can't be physically seen.   Thus faith in an invisible God and His undeniable power is not so difficult to grasp!

The Apostle Paul speaks of God's "eternal power" as one of God's "invisible qualities".  Paul uses a very interesting Greek word for "eternal" in this passage. The word aidios means "everduring" (forward and backward).  This power is constant; there's been no diminishment whatsoever from eternity past and there will be no diminishment in eternity future.

According to the daily text and certainly in my observation God's invisible qualities are "clearly seen, being understood from what has been made."  I pray that the Lord will open every reader's eyes today to clearly see the glory of God and to believe and serve Him today. Indeed "God of wonders beyond our galaxy, You are Holy, the universe declares Your majesty, You are Holy, Lord of heaven and earth!"

Be encouraged today,

Stephen C. Weber

Brooksyne's Prayer:  Father God, You physically reign in a place invisible to my eyes, but Your spirit resides deep within my heart.  Though I cannot physically see You at work I recognize Your masterful handiwork. Though I cannot physically touch You I feel Your divine presence.  Only a God like You is great enough to mastermind the universe, yet small enough to live within my heart.  Thank you, God.

Here's a website that to me reveals the wonder of God's creation. Tip: I would set it to manual and read the description of each picture.  (I am amazed by the incredible faith demonstrated by anyone who can view a presentation like this and see a mere random naturalistic rather than the absolute intelligent design of the Creator.  Yet I suspect most involved in this project probably had just such an outlook.)  When you view this site I'm curious as to the emotion you feel when earth comes into view. I absolutely marvel when I consider the God who created the universe loved this world so much that He gave His only begotten Son!

God of Wonders Audio    Video
This ministry is presented by the Willingdon Church in Canada.  Each week this church places their entire worship service up on the web early Monday morning. This may be a special blessing to any readers in this series who are unable to get out to church. I am especially blessed by the testimonies presented by those receiving their Christian baptism in last Sunday's service. I found myself joining the congregation in applause following the baptism!

What is the first color specifically mentioned in the Bible?  Answer here.

For those with a greater desire to study the wonders of creation I urge you to visit the Answers in Genesis website.

Note from Brooksyne:  As I read the devotional today a Christian song popular in the 60's came to mind, "How Big Is God."  Though we were unable to bring you a clip I thought you'd appreciate the words from its album cover:


Since the time of Creation this question has reverberated through space and bounced from planet to planet only to return to earth - the answer awaiting eternity's dawning. From majestic peaks rising out of fertile valleys, shrouded in cloudy mists, the sight of endless oceans and galaxies of stars - even to graceful wildlife and fragile flowers - in each there is found some stirring measure of fulfillment to this age old question.

In final quest, however, music paints the true picture of God's greatness and weaves the fine fabric of imagination into deep, vivid tapestries that reach the areas of truth beyond our vision. Man's marble monuments to immortality fall short of the sky and all other of his achievements fail to satisfy, but music reaches beyond the reef of space and causes the heart to see Truth. This Truth has been marred only by hatred - man against man, nation against nation. Today, as in times past, the tides of hatred appear insurmountable. Yet, remember, all the mighty armies of yesterday are gone forever and their suffering with them. Only one thing has outlasted hatred - the Love of God. This then is His greatness! Our eyes tells us of His awesome creation, but in our hearts we who know Him as friend and Savior can sing - "How Big Is God? He's big enough to rule the mighty universe, yet small enough to live within my heart". (Brooksyne found this reading on a website as she was looking for an audio version of the song, "How Big is God." 
(We never did find an audio clip to share and by the time we finished trying we couldn't find where we got this reading to give them credit!)

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