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Bill Shibilo with Ester
Bill with Ester

Bill Shibilo
Bill Shibilo was one of the kindest men I've ever known. I first met him in May 1993 when I interviewed with the church board. Bill was a long-term deacon. I was accepted as Pastor and Bill was one of my greatest pastoral blessings until his death in July of 2000.
Bill was faithful to his wife and raised his two sons to follow after the Lord. One is now a pastor and the other is faithful in his local church.
Bill was faithful in church attendance, ministry responsibilities and financial commitments. These are wonderful blessings to any pastor and certainly not to be taken for granted in this age of "casual commitment."
Bill was a tremendous example of a man with a servant's heart. Early on he was part of a crew of retired men in our church we dubbed the "Geritol Gang" who were responsible for some amazing improvements throughout the church property. Later Bill was very faithful in smaller chores such as emptying trash baskets, raking leaves, and working behind the scenes. For many years he and his wife, Veda, changed the message sign virtually every week.
Bill had a positive, faith-filled outlook on life and toward other people. I recall one time a conversation that was headed toward negativity toward another Christian. Seeing Bill was visibly uncomfortable reminded me of the importance of keeping our conversations uplifting.
Bill demonstrated a cooperative spirit. Undoubtedly some of the changes I brought into the church as a younger pastor were not to his tastes but I never sensed an attitude or any rejection from Bill.
Bill was loyal. During a very difficult period in our church several years after I came, a group arose to challenge my leadership. Bill's loyalty was certainly tested as it involved some very close friends that he'd known much longer than myself. It must have been extremely difficult but he chose to support my pastoral leadership. That meant a great deal to Brooksyne and me.
Bill was a blessing when he testified. Ironically his last public testimony in church was a wonderful tribute to his friend John Winchoba, another long-time church member, who had passed away the year before.
Bill was a wonderful grandfather figure to Ester. She would sit and talk with him for long periods of time and he always took the time to converse with her. She remembers and loves him to this day.

In one of our last hospital visits with Bill before his death we sang hymns, prayed, and read the Scriptures together. Bill mustered great strength to pronounce to Brooksyne and me a wonderful blessing upon our ministry. That is a blessing I will forever cherish!

Stephen C. Weber

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