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 (My interest in this was spurred on in the early nineties by an excellent book by Dennis Rainey)

"The Best Gift You Can Ever Give Your Parents"




Dear Mom and Dad,


Thank you for being examples of love and care to your children.


Thank you, Mom, for always being there - like when you would attend a track meet and perhaps be the only parent in attendance.


Thank you, Dad, for being an example of hard work and principled living such as the summer I worked with you. I still remember that very hot day we had a blackberry milk shake at a Dairy Queen on Bannister Road!


Thank you, Mom, for making our house a home. I remember when I was visiting a friend, Chuck French, and ate strawberry preserves for the first time. I excitedly told you and you responded, "Well, I’ll get you some!"


Thank you, Dad, for wholeheartedly loving our family even though you had a hard time expressing it. I still remember returning with Mom and Genelle from our trip out west to see Mike in 1967 (you stayed home because you had to work). At the train station you were so overjoyed to see us - it might have been the first time I saw you cry.


Thank you, Mom, for always rushing out the door to greet us when we arrive for a visit. And I can see you now waving to us until we’re out of each other’s view - everytime we have to say "good-bye".


Thank you, Dad, for your special call of encouragement while I was a very discouraged college student, then years later the wonderful letter you wrote while you were working in China. I cherish that letter to this day!


Thank you for putting up with me during the difficult teen years.


Thank you for being proud of me. You express that often and it means a great deal to me!


Thank you, both, for praying for me.


I write this Tribute to say a big "thank you" for being my parents and to say "I love you!"



Your son,





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