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"You've Got The Time" 40-Day New Testament Reading/Listening Plan

Begin April 3, 2011

(Includes questions for personal reflection or family discussion)


04/03/2011 (Day 01) Matthew 1-7

1. Chapter 1 is the famous “begat” chapter. Why do you think that it was important for Matthew to include this genealogy?

2. What do you notice about Matthew’s Christmas story that is different from what you are used to hearing?

3. One line that is frequently repeated throughout Matthew is “in order to fulfill what was written.” To what audience would this be important?

4. What prompted Jesus to go into the wilderness following his baptism?

5. Chapter 5 begins the Sermon on the Mount. What comments does Jesus make about the law?


04/04/2011 (Day 02) - Matthew 8-12

1. What requirements are made of those for whom Jesus performs miracles?

2. What work are the 12 sent out to perform?

3. Why should we not be afraid?

4. What is the message that Jesus sends to John the Baptist by way of John’s disciples?

5. With whom does Jesus identify John the Baptist?


04/05/2011 (Day 03) - Matthew 13-18

1. Chapter 13 is packed with the parables of the Kingdom. List several things the kingdom of heaven is like.

2. Why did Herod do away with John the Baptist?

3. When he was walking across the water, why did Peter begin to sink?

4. What kinds of things defile (make unclean) a person?

5. Peter makes a great confession and then sticks his foot in his mouth. What did he say in each case?


04/06/2011 (Day 04) - Matthew 19-24

1. Why are children so important?

2. What makes it hard for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God?

3. What is the point of the parable of the laborers in the vineyard?

4. Why did Jesus raise a ruckus in the temple?

5. What is the greatest commandment?


04/07/2011 (Day 05) - Matthew 25-28

1. The parables of chapter 25 tell about preparedness. How shall we be ready for Jesus’ return?

2. What is the content of Jesus’ prayer in the garden?

3. Why was Jesus taken by the religious establishment to appear before Pilate?

4. Who carried the cross for Jesus?

5. What happened in Jerusalem when Jesus died?


04/08/2011 (Day 06) - Mark 1-6

1. How is the beginning of Mark different from the beginning of Matthew?

2. Who are Jesus’ brothers and sisters?

3. Why does Jesus use parables?

4. Who can never have forgiveness? Why?

5. What did Jesus tell the man who was set free from the demons to do?


04/09/2011 (Day 07) - Mark 7-11

1. How did the Syrophoenician woman challenge Jesus?

2. Why were the disciples worried about bread?

3. Peter had his mind on the wrong things. What were they?

4. Who was on the mountain with Jesus when He was transfigured?

5. Jesus has predicted the same things at least three times from chapters 8 to 10. What are they?


04/10/2011 (Day 08) - Mark 12-16

1. What was the parable that Jesus told against the chief priests, scribes and the elders?

2. Who put the greatest offering into the temple treasury? How much was it?

3. What did Jesus say would not pass away?

4. Describe Jesus’ betrayal.

5. Who was set free when Jesus was crucified? What crime did he commit?


04/11/2011 (Day 09) - Luke 1-4

1. What circumstances surround the birth of John the Baptist?

2. Luke 2 contains the most familiar version of the birth of Jesus. What things did Mary ponder in her heart?

3. Who are the two people who were awaiting the birth of the Messiah?

4. What was the nature of John’s baptism?

5. What are the three temptations Jesus faced in the wilderness? How does He respond to them?


04/12/2011 (Day 10) - Luke 5-9

1. What jobs did the disciples hold before following Jesus?

2. How are the beatitudes in Luke different from those in Matthew?

3. Who is likely to love the most?

4. Where do you fit in the Parable of the Sower?

5. How was the woman with the hemorrhage healed?


04/13/2011 (Day 11) - Luke 10-13

1. What provisions did the 72 men take with them?

2. Much of Jesus’ teaching on prayer in chapter 11 is the same as in Matthew 6. What is noticeably different?

3. What treasures are you storing for the future?

4. How does Jesus bring division to the world?

5. Who is invited into the kingdom?


04/14/2011 (Day 12) - Luke 14-19

1. What was the relationship between the rich man and Lazarus? Why did Jesus tell this story?

2. What made one of the ten lepers different?

3. What was the purpose of the Parable of the Widow and the unjust judge?

4. What was the difference between the Pharisee and the tax collector?

5. What did Zacchaeus offer to do when Jesus came to his house?


04/15/2011 (Day 13) Luke 20-24

1. What do the Sadducees not believe?

2. When people are persecuted and brought before governing authorities, what opportunity does it provide for them to do?

3. How did the disciples know where to prepare the Passover?

4. What charge was brought against Jesus? Was He found guilty?

5. According to Luke, Jesus makes three statements from the cross. What are they?


04/16/2011 (Day 14) - John 1-5

1. John’s Gospel begins with creation. Yet, the same chapter includes the incarnation. What words does John use to describe the birth of Jesus?

2. What does John the Baptist call Jesus?

3. What is the first miracle that Jesus performs in the Gospel of John?

4. The most famous verse of the Bible is found in John 3. What does this reveal about God’s love for us?

5. What did Jesus ask the woman of Samaria? What did He offer her?


04/17/2011 (Day 15) - John 6-9

1. What did the boy offer the 5,000 men?

2. How does Jesus describe Himself in relation to bread?

3. What flows out of the believer’s heart?

4. How does Jesus respond to the woman caught in adultery?

5. Jesus says that His disciples know the truth. How and what will it do for them?


04/18/2011 (Day 16) - John 10-14

1. What are the characteristics of the Good Shepherd?

2. Why does Jesus wait so long to go to Lazarus?

3. Why did the raising of Lazarus pose a problem?

4. What sign of servanthood does Jesus demonstrate?

5. What are some of the names or analogies Jesus gives Himself in chapters 11-14?


04/19/2011 (Day 17) - John 15-19

1. Why is it to the disciples’ advantage for Jesus to “go away”?

2. What is Jesus’ parting gift to the disciples?

3. What does Jesus ask the Father to give to the disciples?

4. Who sliced off the ear of the slave of the high priest?

5. What words does Jesus say from the cross in chapter 19?


04/20/2011 (Day 18) - John 20-Acts 4

1. What is the purpose of the book of John?

2. What are Jesus’ instructions to Peter?

3. The beginning of Acts refers to a first book. It has the same name as the author of Acts. What is it?

4. Who replaced Judas and how was he chosen?

5. What happened on Pentecost?


04/21/2011 (Day 19) - Acts 5-9

1. Why did Ananias and Sapphira drop dead?

2. Why were 7 people chosen to serve?

3. What did Simon the magician ask?

4. What did the Ethiopian ask Philip to do?

5. What happened to Saul on the way to Damascus?


04/22/2011 (Day 20) - Acts 10-15

1. What was the purpose of Peter’s vision of the sheet full of food?

2. Where is the word Christian first used?

3. How did Peter get out of prison?

4. How were Barnabas and Saul set apart for missions?

5. Why do you think Saul’s name is changed? What does it become?


04/23/2011 (Day 21) - Acts 16-20

1. What do we know about Timothy’s background?

2. Paul and Silas’ chains were loosed. Why didn’t they leave the prison?

3. When Paul enters any city, where does he go first? Why?

4. In Athens, how does Paul tell about Jesus?

5. What caused the riot in Ephesus?


04/24/2011 (Day 22) - Acts 21-26

1. Why was Paul arrested in the temple in Jerusalem?

2. To whom does Paul appeal for protection and judgment?

3. How did the Jewish leaders do away with Paul?

4. What did Felix do to Paul?

5. Before what King does Paul appear? Who is with Paul?


04/25/2011 (Day 23) - Acts 27 – Romans 4

1. What happened to everyone who was onboard Paul’s ship?

2. Why did the natives of Malta think that Paul was a god?

3. Where is Paul living at the end of the Book of Acts?

4. How does Paul define the Gospel?

5. What is the sign of a true Jew?


04/26/2011 (Day 24) - Romans 5-10

1. How are we justified (put right with God) and what is its benefit?

2. What is God’s free gift?

3. Who are the true descendents of Abraham and Isaac?

4. How are we to be saved?


04/27/2011 (Day 25) - Romans 11 – I Corinthians 1

1. How can you be a living sacrifice?

2. Why are we to be subject to governing authorities?

3. What is to be the relationship of our behavior to that of other believers?

4. Of what is Paul willing to boast regarding his work?

5. How is the message of the cross received?


        I.            04/28/2011 (Day 26) - I Corinthians 2-9

1. What is the relationship of Paul and Apollos to the Corinthians?

2. Why does Paul consider himself a fool for Christ?

3. What errors does Paul find in the behavior of the Corinthians?

4. Why are we not “our own”?

5. Why does Paul recommend that people not remain in their current status?


04/29/2011 (Day 27) - I Corinthians 10-15

1. What is the problem with food offered to idols?

2. What are the limits of Christian freedom?

3. Why does Paul say that the meal that is shared is not the “Lord’s Supper”?

4. List several spiritual gifts. Which is the greatest?

5. Why is it important for each person to use his or her gifts?


04/30/2011 (Day 28) - I Corinthians 16 – II Corinthians 9

1. How are we able to comfort others?

2. What is found where the Spirit of the Lord is?

3. What is the treasure in clay vessels?

4. What does it mean to be a new creation in Christ?

5. How can you be an ambassador for Christ?


05/01/2011 (Day 29) - II Corinthians 10 – Galatians 4

1. Who does Paul call false apostles?

2. Why is Paul willing to boast of his weakness?

3. How can there be another Gospel?

4. Why does Paul say that he has been crucified with Christ?

5. How does Paul describe our unity in Christ?


05/02/2011 (Day 30) - Galatians 5 – Philippians 1

1. What are the fruits of the Spirit?

2. What does it mean to say that we are saved by grace?

3. How are we to deal with our anger?

4. What instruction is given for the relationship between husbands and wives?

5. Why did Paul say he was in chains for Christ?


05/03/2011 (Day 31) - Philippians 2 – I Thessalonians 2

1. When are we to rejoice and to pray?

2. How is Christ described in Colossians 1?

3. What philosophies pose challenges to a Christian’s faith?

4. Colossians 3 contains a table of duties—are they outdated?

5. Why does Paul thank God for the Thessalonians?


05/04/2011 (Day 32) - I Thessalonians 3 – I Timothy 5

1. What comfort is offered regarding those who have died?

2. What armor does God provide for believers?

3. What instruction is given to those who wait for the Lord’s return in idleness?

4. For whom are we to pray?

5. What guidelines are given for leaders of the church?


05/05/2011 (Day 33) - I Timothy 6 – Hebrews 1

1. Why is the behavior and treatment of widows of such concern?

2. What is the purpose of Scripture?

3. How is the writer of Timothy facing the end of his life?

4. What has Titus been commissioned to do?

5. Do you agree with the content of the guidelines for faithful living in Titus 2-3? Why?


05/06/2011 (Day 34) - Hebrews 2-10

1. What is the Sabbath rest for believers in Christ?

2. What is the advantage of having Jesus as our Great High Priest?

3. Who is Melchizadek?

4. Why doesn’t our High Priest have to continually make sacrifices?

5. What is the relationship between blood and sin?


05/07/2011 (Day 35) - Hebrews 11 – James 5

1. What is faith according to Hebrews 11?

2. Who and what are some examples of Biblical faith?

3. What examples do we have for perseverance in faith?

4. Who is the same through all time?

5. What is to be the relationship between listening and speaking?


05/08/2011 (Day 36) - I Peter 1 – I John 1

1. What is the source of our living hope?

2. How do you see yourself as a stone of God’s spiritual house?

3. What instructions are given for dealing with suffering?

4. Against what must we be alert?

5. What is the relationship between sin and confession?


05/09/2011 (Day 37) - I John 2 – Jude

1. How do you recognize the Spirit of God?

2. What has God’s divine power given us?

3. What is the danger of false prophets?

4. Most of the New Testament letters conclude with a greeting. Recall some of them.

How can you act upon them?

5. What guidance does Jude give to the faithful?


05/10/2011 (Day 38) - Revelation 1-7

1. What were the circumstances of the writer of Revelation?

2. Which of the 7 churches sounds most like our congregation?

3. What is the response of the Lord to one who opens the door?

4. Who is worthy to open the scroll and its seals?

5. How can Jesus be both lamb and shepherd?


05/11/2011 (Day 39) - Revelation 8-15

1. What happens when the angels blow their trumpets?

2. How do you respond to these visions of destruction?

3. Chapter 9 tells the vision of the “four horsemen” of the apocalypse. What is their purpose?

4. What does the dragon try to do and what does it represent?

5. What is the harvest that is reaped on the earth?


05/12/2011 (Day 40) - Revelation 16-22

1. Much music has been mined from the bowls of Revelation. What words do you recognize?

2. How is God’s victory announced?

3. What are God’s gifts in the new Heaven and Earth?

4. How is the New Jerusalem described? Why is this description so elaborate?

5. What invitations are extended at the end of Revelation?


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