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Daily Encouragement Podcast

For those who are familiar with podcasts, and want to subscribe to our podcast, copy the following link into your Podcast client:


For those of you who are new to Podcasts, read on!

What is a Podcast? For a very thorough (and technical) explanation, you can view the description given here.

Simply stated, a podcast is a radio show on the Internet. It provides a way for you to retreive and listen to a radio show using your computer or MP3 player. Just like "Real" radio shows, episodes in a podcast come out on a regular basis - daily, weekly or monthly. The difference with a podcast is that it's almost like you have tape recorder set to automatically record your favorite shows whenever they're on, so  you can listen to them at your leisure!

So how does it work? First, you'll need to download a "Podcast client". What's that? It's simply an application that will download your radio shows for you without you having to do a thing. You can view a list of Podcast clients here. Both iPodder and Nimiq are popular clients you could consider.

Once you've downloaded and installed your Podcast client, simply copy the following link to the clipboard:


and add it as a subscription in your Podcast client. That's it! Now you'll automatically have our audio program downloaded daily to your computer or MP3 player without you needing to do a thing!