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My life story as seen through Google maps.

Mirror image
Our current home (satellite photo from Google maps)

Belton MO, Catron Ave.  My first memories are from this small home where all six of us in my family lived.

Belton MO, Lacy Lane  We moved here before I started Kindergarten and lived till through ninth grade.

Harwood, Missouri  My grandpa was born on this farm in 1882 but lived in the small town of Harwood when I knew him.
 This is where my mom was born and we spent a lot of time in my childhood.  My Aunt and Uncle lived on the farm and it was in the family for over 100 years

Independence, Missouri  I moved here when I was beginning 10th grade. My parents lived here and this was "going home" till my Dad passed away in 1998. We auctioned off the contents and sold the home in 2000.

Tulsa, Oklahoma  This is where Brooksyne grew up untill she went to college. Her parents lived here until their passing.

Springfield, Missouri Brooksyne and I met as freshmen at Central Bible College and had our first date the fall of 1973.
Fair Grove, Missouri  After we married in May 1976 we lived here for a year while I completed college, pastoring a small country church called "Sunnyvale."

Saint Marys, Pennsylvania  We moved here in September 1977 to start a church. (Poor resolution so I can't show details.) We initially lived and the church met in a small apartment. From 1978 till 1986 our church met in a renovated department store. In 1986 we built a church building and also bought a home in town where we lived till June 1993.

Kersey, PA  We lived here (Saint Marys area) from 1978 -1986 in a mobile home, right near an immense forest.

Ester’s birthplace in Guatamala  Ester was born here on March 9, 1989 in an orphanage on the Rio Dulce River.  She came to live with us when she was three months old.

Taunton, Massachusetts  We moved here in late June 1993 and lived in the parsonage next to the church till February 2001. 

Mount Joy, Pennsylvania  We moved to this farmhouse in February 2001 and lived for a year untill we bought our current home.

Mount Joy, Pennsylvania (current home)

Our future home.  (Google picture unavailable)

2008 Valentine's Sweetheart banquet
Stephen and Brooksyne Weber
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