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Marks Of People With Integrity

Joe Sherer

  1. As people of integrity, we will be as good as our word.
  2. Our “yes” will mean “yes” and our “no” will mean “no.”
  3. We’ll trust other people to be as good as their word.
  4. If for reasons beyond our control, we cannot do what we promised, we will find a way to make it right to the other person’s satisfaction.
  5. We won’t make promises we cannot keep.
  6. As people of integrity, we won’t allow others to be misled because of something we say, or because of something we don’t say. That’s just a lie in disguise.
  7. We won’t omit part of a story if it changes the meaning of story; we’ll be truthful.
  8. We won’t misrepresent ourselves, not our good points nor our bad.
  9. We won’t exaggerate.....even those of us who are fishermen.
  10. As people of integrity, we will remember that white lies........are lies.
  11. At the same time, we won’t unnecessarily harm others with the truth.
  12. We’ll keep confidences.
  13. We’ll keep quiet about things we know about others which would hurt them if broadcast; we won’t gossip.
  14. We will keep in mind that we have no more right to harm another person’s reputation than we do to hit them with our fist.
  15. As people of integrity, we will give no one less than what is owed them.
  16. We will pay our creditors, in full and on-time.
  17. We will give our employer a good day’s work, every work day.
  18. If married, we will give our spouse security and a sense of value through total faithfulness.
  19. If we have children we will give them lots of quality time.
  20. If we have employees we will give them good wages and good working conditions.
  21. For our brothers and sisters in Christ we will willingly use the spiritual gifts God has given to us.
  22. To those around us we will show courtesy.
  23. To those who follow us we will give a Godly legacy. Again, as people of integrity, we will give no one less than what is owed them.
  24. As people of integrity, we won’t act any differently when alone than we would if our boss or our spouse or the elders of church were watching us.
  25. We won’t cut corners if it will short-change someone else.
  26. We’ll allow ourselves to be taken advantage of before we’ll take advantage of someone else.
  27. We’ll be completely honest with Uncle Sam when we do our taxes.
  28. We’ll be completely honest with God when we do our tithing; we’ll give God His due.
  29. We’ll be honest with teachers and not pass off the work of someone else as our own.
  30. We will return things we find that don’t belong to us.
  31. We will reward those who go above and beyond the call of duty.
  32. We will generously tip those who serve us; they depend on it.
  33. Even in the little things like golf scores and miscounted change, we won’t cheat.
  34. As people of integrity, we’ll do what we can to help others receive fair treatment.
  35. When people with less influence than we have, need our help, we’ll do what we can for them.
  36. When we engage in business, we’ll keep in mind that the other person needs to make a living too.
  37. When we engage in business, we’ll keep in mind that we represent Jesus.
  38. As people of integrity, we’ll remember that making a life is always more important than making a living.
  39. We will not confuse greed with financial savvy.
  40. We’ll remember that there’s a word for comparing ourselves with those who have more than we do; the word is temptation, and it leads to the destruction of many.
  41. As people of integrity, we’ll refuse to climb the ladder of success if we have to walk on someone else to do it.
  42. While adversity can be very difficult, prosperity is even more of a threat to balanced living. Therefore as people of integrity, when we prosper, we will guard carefully against compromise.
  43. We won’t sacrifice marriage or family...not for money, not for fame, not for pleasure, not for anything....because we have an obligation which we will fulfill.
  44. As people of integrity, we’ll keep our eyes from that which leads to temptation.
  45. We will make sure there are people in our lives who will be honest with us about what they see in us.
  46. We’ll guard against every kind of addiction; that includes workaholism.
  47. We won’t project our problems onto other people.
  48. We won’t have anything to do with someone’s scam.
  49. We won’t butt in line; everyone’s time is important to them too.
  50. As people of integrity, we won’t use tradition or the status quo to excuse unhealthy or unholy behavior.
  51. Even if an action is legal by the letter of the law, we will try to follow the spirit of the law rather than violate Christian principles.
  52. When we’re tempted to jump to conclusions, we’ll keep both feet planted.
  53. When we’re tempted to fly off the handle, we’ll keep our wings folded and our beaks shut.
  54. When we’re tempted to run from conflict, we’ll agree to stay and work at reconciliation.
  55. When there is a misunderstanding, we’ll give others the benefit of the doubt.
  56. Our willingness to forgive others will not depend on their level of regret; it will emerge from who we are in Christ Jesus.    
  57. As people of integrity, when someone voices their pain, we won’t try to change the focus to our own pain; instead we’ll share their suffering.
  58. We won’t be fooled into thinking that our honest mistakes aren’t mistakes; they are.
  59. When we’ve blown it, we’ll be the first to bring it up to make things right.
  60. When we’ve achieved something significant, we’ll be the last one to bring it up, but we won’t fake modesty either.
  61. When others around us blow it, we’ll keep in mind that we’ve been there too.
  62. When others around us, even our competitors, achieve something significant, we will rejoice with their success.
  63. As people of integrity, we won’t try to make others think we can afford things we can’t.
  64. We won’t buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.
  65. We will seek to value others more and more, and things less and less.
  66. We will be a faithful friend to those who get in trouble for doing the right thing.
  67. Even when it’s unpopular, we’ll do the right thing.
  68. We won’t let money determine who we befriend.
  69. We’ll remember that despite all else, every person has redeeming qualities.

Joe Sherer is the pastor of the Mount Joy Mennonite Church in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania.

Personal Mission Statement: "I am created by God to bring Him glory. Through God's Son Jesus Christ I have been redeemed and I make it my life's goal to please the Lord. My mission in life is to honor God through my faith and obedience and to prepare myself and all whom I may influence for eternity."

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