Christmas Test

Prepared by Stephen C. Weber

(This test is printer ready)

How Joseph and Mary traveled to Bethlehem: _______________

Who first said it, "Nothing is impossible with God"? _______________

The names of the wise men were: ________________________________

According to the Gospel of Luke, two older people present at the dedication of Jesus were: (proper names) __________________________

After Christ’s birth Mary and Joseph took Him to: _______________

The wise men found Jesus in a: _______________

Leading the way to Bethlehem for the wise men was: _______________

Directing the shepherds to Jesus was: _______________

When the shepherds saw Jesus He was dressed: _______________

At the birth of Jesus the angels sang: _______________

The Roman leader in Palestine at the time of Christ’s birth was: _______________

Jesus Christ was born in: _______________

The three gifts brought to Jesus were: ________________________________

Frankincense is: _______________

Several times Joseph received direction from: _______________

What did the shepherds do when they saw Jesus? _______________

What did the shepherds do after seeing Jesus? _______________

The providential event that led Joseph back to his ancestral home was: _______________

Who was the governor of Syria at the time of Christ’s birth? _______________

Joseph had been living in: _______________

What were the shepherds doing in the fields at night? _______________

What was the shepherd’s reaction to the appearance of the angel: _______________

Where in the Bible is this phrase found "In the fullness of time"? _______________

What was the name of the angel that spoke to Mary prior to Christ’s conception? _______________

Associate the familiar carol with:

A broken organ _______________

Traditionally assumed to have written "Away in a manger"? _______________

Isaac Watts _______________

The writer of this familiar Christmas hymn ministered in Boston _______________

Name the hymn the phrase is from:

          "Truly He taught us to love one another" _______________

          "Born to give them second birth" _______________

"There is room in my heart for Thee" _______________

          "Fill all the world with heaven’s peace" _______________

Who were John the Baptist’s mom and dad? ___________________________________

What does Immanuel mean? _______________

What does Jesus mean? _______________

What does Christ mean? _______________

Which two Gospels record the human account of the birth of Christ? _____________________

Approximately how many years ago was Jesus born? _______________

Approximately how many years was Jesus born after God made the promise to Abraham? _______________

What is the essence of the message the shepherds received from the angel? (Verbatim quote great) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What is the best memory you have of Christmas?


Have you received Christ as your Savior? _________________________

After you have given careful thought to these questions a Test key is available!

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