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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you going to shove your religion down my throat? Absolutely not! We interface with you to the extent that you are comfortable.  For some that's merely a greeting, others as time permits enjoy visiting for a few minutes.  However we do not want to disrupt work flow or interfere with a timely deadline.  

What if I want to speak to you privately or for a longer period of time than is acceptable at work?  Please contact us at our home office or let us know when we make a visit so we can make arrangements.

Are my conversations with you really confidential?  Yes, what you share with us will not be shared with anyone else (w/o your permission). However there are a couple of legally mandated exceptions to this (true of all counselors): 1) A threat to harm or take a life. 2) An admission of child abuse or neglect.

So what issues do people share with you?  The majority involve family, emotional and physical health issues.  Also major life events such as births, deaths, and accidents, substance abuse, financial or legal concerns are among the topics discussed with chaplains.

What We Will Not Do:

1. Hinder employee's ability to accomplish assigned responsibilities.

2. Compel a discussion or relationship with any employee.

3. Moralize or criticize an employee's conduct.

4. Report content of discussions with employees to management or any other party.* 

5. Endorse a specific place of worship, religion or proselytize.

6. Make financial loans for any reason.

7. Perform psychological and psychiatric counseling.

* Local, state and federal laws require full disclosure in cases of child abuse or where personal safety is at risk.