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Prospective Companies

If you are a company owner, manager, or human resource manager and would be interested in providing a chaplaincy program like ours to your employees please contact us.  We are only able to serve companies in proximity to our home in Southcentral Pennsylvania and even in that area we may or may not be able to serve your company directly.  But we can share various ways this may be done including direct care (our model of care) as well as local and national agencies we have association with.

Chaplaincy is a wonderful component to your company's Employee Assistance Program whether done as a stand-alone or in conjunction with another program.

Benefits of Chaplain Services

The implementation of a Chaplain Assistance Program (CAP) can:
Reduce costly consequences of poor problem solving (i.e. suicide, substance abuse, workplace violence, and/or sabotage etc.).
Increase early awareness of and intervention in situations of physical or emotional overload and onset of related physical and emotional dysfunction.
Provide a source of support and resources in times of personal crises.
Improve attitudes, cooperation, and performance.
Increase loyalty and trustworthiness.
Increase dedication to company goals, priorities and objectives.
Reduce staff conflicts.
Decrease anxiety and tensions.
Contribute to the safety of the workplace environment.
Serve the company values.
Increase commitment to the job and reduces absenteeism.
Help employees become more productive.

Greater employee loyalty results in a greater commitment to the company and, thus, a lower turnover rate; and all of the above have a direct positive impact on the bottom line.

The leaders of major companies across the country have seen first-hand the benefits of offering a chaplaincy program.