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You can listen to the daily encouragement devotional through the daily podcast with Brooksyne and I reading the message.

For most computer users merely clicking on the listen link at the top of each message will automatically open a program to play the daily encouragement audio message.  If it does not there are a number of free resources that allow you to listen to MP3 recordings via your web browser. Three of the most popular are Apple's QuickTimeTM, RealNetwork's RealPlayer BasicTM and Microsoft's Windows Media PlayerTM. Links* to each of these resources are provided below.

Note about multi-media used on Daily Encouragement - Unless noted these are merely files found on the web using search engines. These files are not on the Daily Encouragement Net website. We seek music (aither audio or video) that we feel reinforces the message. Many of the links tend to be to more contemporary music since quality audio files of hymns and older music tends to be sparse. However we do enjoy both types of music. Many church websites are now placing audio files of music sung in their church. We are also increasingly using video files since many are placing music up along with a visual background. These audio and video files will work on most computers but may require a high speed internet connection. The main resource we use is the AV search engine which allows searches limited to audio files.  We also have quite a collection of sites that have quality audio files. Sometimes they will be a song that is recorded in my home studio by Brooksyne or a friend.

I have been using more videos. Many place up songs on Youtube or Godtube along with photos or video. Usually the sound is as good as an audio link.  It is actually easier to find related songs using the search engine on these sites than it was using previous methods. I have also been embedding these videos on a separate page on my site. Special note - Trash on the web is often only a click or two away. For instance video files on Youtube of a video I feel may be a blessing may contain links to suggested songs that are totally unrelated to the song I suggest and link to (that's why I usually embed the video on a separate page on my site!).
Technical issues - I check to see that they work on my computer but am aware for technical reasons that I just don't understand they may not work on every computer. Also many audio files seem to have a short life on servers and if you try listening long after the date of the message it may have been removed. All I can say is it worked for me the morning I prepared the message!
Copyright issues – This sure is confusing! Any song available on the Daily Encouragement Net server is either in the Public Domain, written locally and just shared or prepared in a home studio by a musician who gives permission to use the song. (Thus far I've not had any famous musicians in my studio!)
I am not able to determine these issues on songs found on search engines or on web pages that are on other servers. In some cases they appear to be songs sung by local churches in their worship services and recorded "live". They place this music up on the web to share and bless others. Others are by unknown musicians who place their songs up as a blessing. Some are placed up by promotion by musicians or music companies.
I once asked a question regarding copyright issues to the daily encouragement net list and received this response back from an attorney. (If he happens to read this I would be happy to place his name in if he gets back to me).  Here's his legal opinion:
Dear Stephen,
I am a patent attorney and have experience in copyright law, which is the area of law that the music downloading issue touches.
When someone creates a "work of expression" and places that work in a "tangible medium of expression," the work is instantly and automatically copyrighted.  It does not matter if the work lacks the copyright symbol, although the inclusion of the symbol may prevent the infringer from claiming that the copying was not "willful."  The owner of the work has the right to prevent others from copying the work, including performing the work.  The key is to determine if the owner has given permission, express or implied, to copy to work.
When you copy a link and place it in an email and distribute the email, you are not copying a copyrightable work.  An issue is whether the link opens a file that does contain a copyrightable work of which the owner of the work has not granted the world permission to copy.  Individuals could then access the work based on the link given by you in the email, and then download the work to their computer and permanently keep the recording on their computer and record it to a CD or diskette.  You could be found liable for contributory infringement by enabling such activities.  I personally think it is unlikely that you would be pursued, but one cannot know for sure.
Just because you find a link to music on the internet does not mean that the owner has given permission for the work to be copied.  If the link is there with the owner's consent, then implied consent to play the work is obviously given.  This does not mean that consent to copy the work has been given. There are copyright clearinghouses that are used to determine whether the owner of a work and has given consent to copy.  Unfortunately for you, it opens a quagmire of issues in trying to determine whether or not it is OK for you to offer the link in emails.

So just to make sure that we all do the right thing, do not copy to your computer the music from any link unless you verify the copyright issue to your satisfaction. If you by conviction are uncomfortable listening to this music please do not do so.  For legal downloaded music to copy to your computer and burn to CD's there are numerous sources.
I expressly declare that the daily encouragement audio message may be freely copied and distributed. I reckon I have that authority!

RealPlayer Basic | QuickTime | Windows Media Player
*Daily Encouragement Net does not make any recommendation regarding which, if any of these products to use, and we are unable to provide any technical assistance in configuring or using them. Daily Encouragement Net is not responsible for the content on the websites associated with these links.


Most of the photos used on Daily Encouragement Net are taken by one of us, mostly Stephen. If subjects are identifiable we have received their permission to use the photo.

I also periodically use photos submitted by family, friends and Daily Encouragement Net readers. If you have a photo you would like us to consider using send it to us through email as a jpg in a large resolution. Please just send more than two at a time.  Include your name and we will acknowledge you in the caption. Please do not send photos with identifiable faces.

Website graphics such as Listen and Donate are available freely on the web.

Periodically I will use a photo that I came across through forwarded email, a link to a website someone sent me, or found using an image search such as Google, particularly if it reinforces the message theme. An example of such a photo is here.  In most cases I have no idea who to acknowledge in such instances and I base my use on this designation:
This file is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0  License (cc-by-sa-2.0)"
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