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Friday, May 8, 2015

Donegal Springs 5/7/15
Donegal Springs

"As For Me And My House"

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"Choose you this day whom ye will serve; … but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD" (Joshua 24:15).

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day in our area. In the late afternoon our new Zimbawean friends showed up on their bikes. After dinner over we took them on a long bike ride/walk over to the Cameron Mansion at Donegal Springs, about two miles from our home. It is so green with so much budding, flowering, and new life popping up everywhere as we walked. We passed many scenes of new life; a freshly mown hay field, several geese couples with their gosslings, a very loud kildeer sitting on her mottled eggs, the children outside running barefoot.

It's a time I call "young spring". As we walked through the mansion grounds I said to Brooksyne, "Wouldn't it be great if we could just freeze this season in time", meaning keeping everything just like it is. But of course we can't do that. God has ordained seasons. The "young spring" will soon become mature summer, then the first signs of autumn will become late autumn, followed by the chilling apparent deadness of winter.

In life we may want to freeze certain seasons of life, but we can't! Today we consider two events that were at the "young spring" of our lives.

Thirty-nine years ago today Brooksyne and I stood on the platform of a church in the Indian town of Sapulpa Oklahoma and pledged our love to each other in holy matrimony. It has worked out beautifully and for that we are most grateful.

Also on this date 36 years ago I was ordained to gospel ministry across the Susquehanna River in York, PA although we lived about 200 miles away at the time in northern Pennsylvania. The other night we attended an ordination service in Reading, PA and the solemn ceremony reminded us once again of the sacred calling God has placed on both of our lives. Though Brooksyne has not chosen to have a ministerial license or ordination she has worked alongside me in our ministry since our days of dating in Bible College. In fact our calling to ministry led us both to Bible College right after high school where we met in 1973.

We were young when we married, 21 for Stephen and 20 for Brooksyne. We had one year of college left but began serving right after our honeymoon in a small rural church outside of Springfield, MO. We recall for a number of years being "that young couple". Now people of that age look like kids to us! Some seasons are esepcially happy, the kind you want to freeze in place, others are "hurry up and get us out of this".

Thank God by His grace we have stayed faithful to each other and to our Lord Jesus Christ. We've sure had our disappointments, tears and sorrows. Like anyone running the spiritual race we've had trials. In our 25 years of pastoral ministry we were been bitten a few times by the sheep. But we've also met lots and lots of people along the way who have blessed us greatly, including quite a few who are on this "Daily Encouragement" list.

When our family prays together we often conclude by reciting the daily verse. Joshua first uttered these words some 3,300 years ago after leading God's people into the Promised Land, shortly before his death. His final sermon was a challenge to faithfulness and included this solemn affirmation of his own faith.

"Choose you this day": I am struck by the significance of the words "this day" in the text. Certainly on the one hand it conveys a momentous decision to serve the Lord when we first believe and choose to follow Him. However in another sense it's an ongoing, regular, habitual day by day choice to "this day" serve the Lord. After all, Joshua had chosen to follow the Lord many years before he made this call to the people. He surely wasn't making the choice for the first time!

We believe it's that way in our walk with the Lord and our walk with our spouse. Thirty-nine years ago we made a public declaration of my love and commitment to each other in marriage. That was a big day for us. But daily since then (14,244 days) we have committed our love to each other and to our Lord, whom we seek to serve with all our hearts.

Be encouraged today,

Stephen & Brooksyne Weber

Daily Prayer: This is our prayer today and we encourage you to make it yours as well! It's also a song we link to below:

Come and fill our home with Your presence,
You alone are worthy of our rev'rence.
As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.
As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.
As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.
We will serve the Lord.

Lord we vow to live holy, bowing our knees to You only.
As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.
As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.
As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord,
We will serve the Lord.

Staying together, praying together,
Any storm we can weather trusting in God's Word.
We need each other, fathers and mothers,
Sisters and brothers in harmony and love. *

* "The Family Prayer Song" Morris Chapman

Today's Suggested Music and Supplemental Resources

"Family Prayer Song"  Video   Maranatha Singers

We would like to share several photos from our wedding.
(We have shared these photos before but realize we have many new readers)

Our wedding photo
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Weber
May 8, 1976

Brooksyne wedding photo
My bride of 39 years posing for the photographer before her bridal bouquet arrived.

Church where we had our wedding
The stately church in Sapulpa, Oklahoma where our wedding was held.

Our wedding 5/8/76
Skip Redmond, a friend from college, was our photographer and took this photo from the balcony.

David Simpson, best man 5/8/76
Shaking hands before the wedding with Dave, my friend from 1st grade, who was my best man. Dave and I remain friends to this day and I will see him and his wife Sandy next month when I have a chaplain conference in Springfield, MO. In the background is my brother Pat who conducted the service.

Joe and Pauline Harding at our wedding 5/8/76
I am introducing Brooksyne to Joe and Pauline Harding, both now with the Lord.
We have previously written about the Hardings and their influence on my life.

Our wedding 5/8/76
Looks like Brooksyne is already telling me secrets or showing off her new wedding band. My sister Genelle looks on as we stood in the receiving line greeting our guests.

Wedding reception 5/8/76
We had wedding rehearsal on Friday evening and must have been making decisions about the ceremony. Brooksyne is part Indian (Cherokee) and sure looks like it here.
I am wearing a real cool "leisure suit" (anyone else remember those) and some of the first glasses that were supposed to change but always stayed dark. Brooksyne asked me not to wear them during the wedding. I'm sure glad I didn't.

Wedding reception 5/8/76
We didn't run around with those who might have used limousines at that time so we didn't need to factor in that extra cost. The custom then was to decorate the car of the newly married couple but somehow they got the wrong car, decorating my best man's car who followed us by himself to a restaurant where we had a meal together. He got lots of horn honking as he drove along, a bachelor at the time.

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