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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Foggy morning (photo by Doris High)
Foggy morning drive
Photo by Doris High

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"Good Character"

"Bad company corrupts good character" (1 Corinthians 15:33).

My parents modeled good character to their children. The longer they're gone the more I increasingly realize and value the example they were in this very important virtue. After Mom died I read through some of her old stuff. I regret to say that it didn't mean much to me when she was alive, although she wanted to show me and it would have meant so much to her if I had shown more interest.

School in Harwood MissouriBut since her promotion to heaven the sentimental value has greatly increased. All her life she kept recognition notes from her grammar school teachers from the little school she attended in Harwood Missouri that housed grades 1-12.  As I perused the material I see the unapologetic attempts to instill character by the public education system. My Mom was in the last graduating class as the school closed in the late thirties. However to this day (at least up till several years ago when I was in Harwood) the school still stands  out on the edge of town with the windows all boarded up.

She went to college in a nearby town across the state line in Kansas. Among her activities in her 1941 public college yearbook was participation in a campus group that had three main objectives:

1)  To unite in a desire to realize full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God.
2)  To determine to have a part in making this life possible for all college people.
3)  To seek to understand Jesus and follow Him.

Hope was an elderly lady in our church in Massachusetts who has gone on to be with the Lord. She shared with us how she recalled her teacher reading aloud daily to the students from the Bible in a public school in Massachusetts!  Now in most cases even posting the timeless, character building Ten Commandments is illegal and deemed unconstitutional!  Schools had a vital role in developing character and I recall this even in my school years back in the sixties.

Now there is a renewed emphasis on teaching "character" in schools.  But whose character will be taught and what will this character be based on?  If we understand "character" in both a negative and positive sense as a "way of life" or "moral habits", we see that plenty of character is already being taught! In most cases, the message is loud and clear; reject God, established moral authority, and do your own thing. *

ApplesConsider the effect of one bad apple in a bunch of good apples.  Of course the bad apple will spoil the good apples so you must get rid of the bad apple if you want to keep the good ones.  The reverse is true as well.  Placing one good apple among a bunch of bad apples will cause the good apple to rot. It will not cause the bad apples to be good!!!  Such is the corrosion of unchecked sin in our lives.

Meaningful godly character development must be focused in the home and church, daily stressing the timeless truths and application of God's Word.  Indeed, "bad company corrupts good character."  Is your home a "safe haven" from the evil influences of the world?  Are you actively participating in a Bible-believing and Christ-honoring church?

Be encouraged today,

Stephen & Brooksyne Weber

Praying man Daily prayer: Jesus, I can't hide the fact from you that too much of my time and energy is spent being concerned about how others perceive me.  I fuss about my appearance, am preoccupied about my weight, try to be "with it" so others might think highly of me and at times try to surround myself with just the right people, saying just the right things.  I realize, in light of Your Word, that these entrapments don't speak of godly character whatsoever.  It's not how others perceive me that counts at all – but it is how You see the very person I am when no other human is looking.  As I spend quiet, reflective, and alone time with You I become more like You.  Help me to develop and guard my daily gathering with You!  In Your name, Jesus, I pray.  Amen.

* We know many public school teachers and we bless you. Many of you receive these daily messages and I want to encourage you as you seek to let your light shine.  Even though the public sector denies opportunities for Christians to speak freely in the classroom, devoted Christian teachers will, by their godly character, reveal Christ in their attitudes and actions. So far, to my knowledge, that's not illegal.

Thank You! Ester has received many birthday greetings from friends from all over the world.  She was touched.  Each one of you who took the time to share a note made her day extra special.  Thank you again!

Ester with Patty 3/9/11
Each year Ester pays a visit on her birthday to Patty at Longwood Manor who was also born on March 9.  Patty was delighted with a little cake Brooksyne decorated for her and the hymn DVD's Ester gave her.  Patty loves to sing hymns for the Lord as best she can.

Molly sleeping on Ester 3/9/11
Little Miss Molly found the most comfortable bed available; Ester's lap.  Ester is so thoroughly enjoying her new pup and Stephen is enjoying the fact that she's already fetching a frisbee at 9 weeks of age.

Today's Suggested Music and Supplemental Resources

"Give Us Clean Hands"  Video  Mark Schutz

"Ancient Words"  Video
 Michael W. Smith

For the terminally curious Harwood, Missouri is located here (Google map)

Today's photo of the foggy morning was taken by our friend Doris High and is a part of her photo collection taken this last weekend at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area in northern Lancaster County. During this season thousands and thousands of Snow Geese stop by the mountain lake during their migration north. Note: Yesterday I had a photo of snow geese and Brooksyne mistakenly edited the caption and stated that the snow geese were migrating south. Of course they migrate north in the Spring as an alert reader pointed out.  My fault for not re-editing her work and she embarrassedly chuckled as she does know her north from south.  We're delighted that they're headed back north to our neck of the woods.

Finally today:  Riding on this portable ever-ready outdoor toilet would be an excellent Mothers or Fathers Day gift and it will certainly be unlike other gifts you've given in the past.
Travelling portapotty

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