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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Baby goat
Kirby, a baby goat, born several hours before this photo was taken.

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Brooksyne wrote the story part today which is a bit longer than usual. The Scriptural exposition begins 

"The Rest Of The Story"

"Peter said to Him, 'Master, it is good for us to be here. Let us put up three shelters—one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah.' He did not know what he was saying." (Luke 9:33).

Brooksyne's part: One day shy of ten weeks I am finally allowed to bear full weight on my left foot, unassisted by crutches or a wheelchair, this morning.  How wonderful it feels to walk again even though it continues to be swollen and a little painful.  I am once again independent after breaking my ankle on May 7.  I have learned many things over the past ten weeks.  Above all, I definitely realize how blessed I am to be able to walk. When I was fully dependent on others for my mobility, God provided my faithful husband and helpful daughter to cheerfully assist me along with many friends who came to my aid in various ways.  I am indeed blessed!

Stephen did not disclose the details regarding my fall when he wrote to our daily encouragement readers about my accident on May 8. Most assume I simply twisted my ankle or fell into a groundhog hole on the trail where we frequently walk.  Both are likely scenarios, but the fact is that our dog, Roxie, after taking her usual run in the fields, came back to us from behind and cut right in front of me as we were walking back toward our house.  Not expecting a surprise "block in the road" I was in stride and unable to apply my walking brakes which caused me to fall over her.  This resulted in the breaking and misalignment of my fibula (outside ankle bone).  I also pulled the connecting ligaments which was the most painful aspect of the fall. 

Stephen who has never seen me seriously injured in our 32 years of marriage was quite beside himself.  He kept saying, "I'll hold onto you real tight and help you walk to the house."  You have to imagine the scene where I am on the ground crumbled into a heap of pain. My entire body is trembling as I am involuntarily screaming and trying to hold my bone in place that has dropped out of its socket. 

As he looked at the pitiful swollen sight he realized this suggestion was not going to work, so he then came up with Plan B: "I'll run to the house and get the wheelbarrow and I'll wheel you home."  After he repeated this brilliant idea a couple times I screamed back, each word in a piercing loud staccato, "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WANT ME TO RIDE IN A WHEEL BARROW!!" 

Van interior
Finally, I suggested that he could simply run home and get the van.  He did so and a couple of neighbors by now had caught onto the fact that I was badly hurt and came to our rescue.  The back bench seat was already removed and they carefully lifted me into the van and Stephen transported me to the Emergency Room at Hershey Medical Center.

Stephen's part:
At times you say things and really wonder later, "Did I really say that?"  I suppose I was in a state of shock and denial at Brooksyne's obviously severe injury and consequential pain. 

Days later the story of the transfiguration came to mind as I pondered my rather foolish reaction to Brooksyne's injury that eventful night.  It is an amazing Biblical account of Christ's glory.  Peter, James and John went up on a mountain to pray with Jesus. As Jesus was praying, the appearance of His face changed, and His clothes became as bright as a flash of lightning. Moses and Elijah appeared in glorious splendor as they talked with Jesus. They spoke about His departure, which He was about to bring to fulfillment at Jerusalem.

TransfigurationBut I have always been intrigued by Peter's eager suggestion of erecting three shelters; one each for Jesus, Moses, and Elijah.  What was he thinking! Was this his eager attempt to show southern hospitality? He would even provide them with their own private dwellings.  Luke points out that "Peter did not know what he was talking about."  After reading Luke's explanation of Peter's response I considered my own fear based response to Brooksyne's unexpected injury days earlier. The wheel barrow might have been a reasonable choice had we been on a path inaccessible to a vehicle, but we were on a wide tractor trail very close to our home at this point in our walk.

Mark adds, "They were so frightened" (Mark 9:6).  We really don't know what Peter was thinking but we can all identify with feelings of inadequacy when we are fearful; when we're faced with circumstances that we've never encountered before, but feel that we must give a verbal response to the matter before us.  Sometimes we just blurt it out before thinking it through!

God bears with us when we say what's on our mind; whether it's wise or foolish.  He also equips us with wisdom and insight from His Word that gives us further understanding for the unusual and unwelcome surprises we might encounter from time to time.  The goodness of the Lord far surpasses our human limitations and frailties.  So the next time you or someone you know says something really foolish remember this story and apply grace!

Be encouraged today,

Stephen & Brooksyne Weber

Daily prayer: Father, what an incredible experience for the disciples to see Jesus, Moses, and Elijah in their heavenly splendor; to witness the true Kingdom of God while they lived here on earth.  Theirs was an eyewitness account but there are very special times when we, as believers, experience extraordinary manifestations of Your Heavenly Kingdom right within our own hearts.  We welcome the supernatural visitation of Your Holy Spirit to renew our spirit as we reaffirm our commitment to follow You all the days of our lives.  In the name of Your precious Son, Jesus, we pray, amen.

In defense of Roxie:
 After my fall on the trail her head was low to the ground and she was ever so sorry and frightened as she sat beside me on the trail.  When I came home from the hospital with crutches and a cast, once again, her head was low to the ground.  She laid beside me in her little bed day after day during my convalescence. She is a very loyal and loving dog.

Brooksyne's Note:  In writing "the rest of the story" I pointed out Stephen's less than wise response to my injury.  But I must balance that point as I recall our days in Bible College.  He took a bad fall on an icy sidewalk and slit his knee wide open.  Upon seeing his blood-covered leg I was in my own state of shock.  I had to transport him to the hospital and I remember my uncontrollable trembling as I gripped the steering wheel.  His injury resulted in surgery and a five day hospital stay.    

Baby goat
Yesterday I rode my bike down the trail past our neighbors and saw their baby goat, Kirby. Here he is with his mom,  S'mores. They place the tennis balls over her horns to protect their pony since they share the same pasture and they tend to walk underneath the pony!

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