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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rural sunrise
Rural Sunrise

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"Sustaining All Things"

"The Son is the radiance of God's glory and the exact representation of His being, sustaining all things by His powerful word" (Hebrews 1:3).

This morning I drove across the county before 5:00 AM.  I was quite confident that I would see the sun rise and I was not disappointed.  In fact I am certain that it rose wherever you live, although it might be obstructed by clouds. The sun's rising is among "all things" God sustains and we really give it little thought or worry.

Modern technology works because of the amazing consistency in the Creator's design and His sustaining. For instance the precise time in an atomic clock is measured by the cesium atom's natural frequency of exactly 9,192,631,770 oscillations or cycles of resonant frequency per second. The Cesium Atomic Clock has an accuracy of one second in one million years! God sustains this minute detail and yet most readers can't even comprehend its meaning (and neither can I, let alone how they come up with this!).

Airplanes fly because gravity is consistent.  Can you imagine how terrifying flying would be if there were unpredictable gravity surges?  Again, this is evidence of God's sustaining power.

Every phrase in today's Scripture is powerful and rich with meaning.  But I want to focus on the latter portion that grips my heart today.  The Son is "sustaining all things."  There are many things we can focus on that will bring us anxiety and distress. It may be a personal health issue or a family matter. It may be our finances or the condition of the world with its turmoil and uncertainty.

We just don't know how these and many other issues will all work out.  But we can experience great comfort in this eternal truth: God is sustaining all things by His powerful word!  God is sustaining every single microchip and every single cell in my body and everyone else's body.  In Colossians 1:17 we read, "In Him all things hold together." Psalm 107:15 states, "Oh that men would praise the LORD for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men!"

The word "sustaining" is translated "upholding" in the KJV.  The Amplified Bible seeks to bring out the richness of the Greek by stating "upholding and maintaining and guiding and propelling the universe by His mighty word of power."  The Greek word (pheron) is in the present active indicating a concept that is dynamic, not static. The Son's work of sustaining involves not only support, but also movement.  He is the One who carries all things forward on their appointed course.

The God who is sustaining all things certainly is also sustaining each one of us.  He speaks through the prophet Isaiah to the ancient people of God and thus through the Scriptures to all of us:  "Listen to me, O house of Jacob, all you who remain of the house of Israel, you whom I have upheld since you were conceived, and have carried since your birth" (Isaiah 46:3).

Truly, "He's got the whole world in His hands" and just as truly, "He's got you and me brother (and you and me sister) in His hands!"  Rest in that wonderful assurance today.  Raise your eyes heavenward and declare "I believe You are sustaining all things by Your powerful Word and You will accomplish what concerns me; Your lovingkindness, O LORD, is everlasting." (Based on Hebrews 1:3, Psalm 138:8.)

Be encouraged today,

Stephen & Brooksyne Weber

Daily Prayer:  Father, we are assured that You will guide and sustain us this day as we keep in step with Your Spirit.  You satisfy our needs and give strength to the weary.  Thank You for hearing our cries and saving us from our troubles.  Thank You for being close to the brokenhearted and comforting those whose spirits have been crushed.  Though we choose to live according to Your ways we know that we're not exempt from problems, so we are greatly encouraged to know that You, Father, solve them all and sustain us in the midst of them.  Thank You faithful, holy and righteous One.  Amen.

Information about the atomic clock

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As I was completing today's message a song came on WDAC, our local Christian radio station, that seems just right for today's topic. See if you agree!
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"He's Got The Whole World In His Hands" (children's version)

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