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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Computer mouse
Our new computer "mouse"

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"Husbands, love your wives" (Ephesians 5:25).

We typically have a mouse problem in our home each winter and, as much as I try to seal every entry point, the baby mice still manage to get in. They are not welcomed as pets, but are seen as pests by Brooksyne so I dutifully bait the mouse traps and already I’ve caught two this week.

I discovered the first one and, as is my irresistible custom, I teased Brooksyne and Ester by dangling it in front of them which always results in loud shrieks followed by the usual lecture from Brooksyne about the need for me to grow up (she knows by now I never will!)

I was out yesterday afternoon when Brooksyne decided to get back at me. I came home and sat down at the computer where she had replaced my computer mouse with the furry kind.  I noticed it immediately, but  left it there and acted as though I didn’t see the dead creature. (I am still amazed that she would even touch the mouse trap.)  

I still marvel at marital love and hope I always will.  Of course the institution of marriage is under severe attack in our time.  How vital to again ponder a simple command of Scripture, "Husbands, love your wives.”  The underlying Greek word for love is that wonderful word "AGAPE", and it's in the present active, calling for continual, habitual action.  

This week when the emphasis is on celebrating romantic love let us again remember God's call to love one another. Gary Chapman shares these five essential characteristics of a healthy marriage in his book "The Five Love Languages.”  Please apply!

1) Affirming Words              
2) Quality Time                   
3) Thoughtful Gifts
4) Cooperative Service
5) Physical Intimacy

Now with thirty years of marital experience Brooksyne and I will add one. Tease each other and have fun!*

Be encouraged today,

Stephen & Brooksyne Weber

Daily Prayer:  Father, You teach us that we are to love one another unreservedly.  The love You give us for others goes beyond our own natural inclinations. It is a love that motivates us to give without expecting anything in return.  More often than not we fall short of extending this kind of love to our spouse and other loved ones.  Only with Your continued help can we set aside our own expectations and learn to love the way You intend by always protecting, always trusting, always hoping, and always persevering with those You’ve brought into our lives.  Amen.  

* Brooksyne’s Note:  Let me add just one more thing about the teasing – Ladies, be sure the joke you play doesn’t backfire on you.  It took a few minutes for me to muster the needed courage to transport the dead mouse since mice always look alive with their eyes wide open, even when they’re in the trap. I watched for Stephen's response and when he acted as though he didn’t see it I decided not to say anything until he mentioned it first, so the mouse remained in place all evening.  I awakened about 3:30 this morning, and unable to go back to sleep, I went downstairs to check the weather forecast looking for potential school closings on the computer.  I started to reach for the computer mouse and all of a sudden I was staring at the same stupid mouse I had put there for Stephen’s benefit.  Turns out the joke was on me and it wasn’t very funny!  Stephen has now disposed of the dead pest with the last laugh on me.

The song we would like to share in today's encouragement is titled "When God Made You" (mp3) Now it may not have the strongest theology as it is a bit syruppy and sentimental but it really conveys my love for Brooksyne and she tells me hers for me.  Two years ago I conducted a wedding ceremony and this song was played in the background as a dedicated couple was united in holy marriage.  In fact they will soon celebrate their second anniversary and will be gathering with others in our home this evening for a home Bible Study.

Regarding supplemental music: I periodically point his out but let me do so again. We enjoy finding a song that reinforces our message. I use the www.av.com (Alta Vista) search engine which allows a search limited to audio files. These may or not be available for long as it seems audio files particularly come and go on the web. They may or may not sound very good on your computer as they generally are a lower quality than CD. Depending on how your computer is set up and internet connection you may not even be able to play them! Also sometimes all I can find is a short sample.

Here's info about the book I referred to in today's message:

The Five Love LanguagesThe Five Love Languages By Gary Chapman / Moody Publishers
We all know that the greatest commandment is to love. However, relatively few of us know how to express our love in the heart language of our family and friends. Fortunately, in The Five Love Languages Gary Chapman identifies the five primary love languages and teaches us how to use these languages to express our love. Although this edition of The Five Love Languages was written specifically for couples, the basic principles Chapman explores will apply to all relationships.

We are getting our very first real snow storm of the season with 6-8 inches projected. Ester's school is already being dismissed at 11:00 AM. It's just beautiful outside!

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