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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Blue morning glories
My neighbor's large blue morning glories

"Who's It All About?"

"He must become greater; I must become less." (John 3:30).

My Amish friend Jesse and I were out running some errands related to his business this past Saturday. We passed a large billboard for a local bank with this advertising slogan, "It Really Is All About You!"  Now that's surely intended as a nice expression of customer service, but it's also a powerful expression of the "me-ism" that dominates the human race and certainly modern man.  The natural, fleshly inclination is to live life as if it's all about me.

As we observed the sign we recalled a song that we both enjoy and many readers have heard and probably sang in your churches called "Heart of Worship" which deals with this attitude in regard to worship.  It has a repetitive line directed to the Lord that says, "It's all about You Jesus."

I enjoy one on one discipling and what an interesting dynamic to ride along and share in the things of the Lord with an Amish man half my age and sense a spiritual kinship based upon our mutual faith in Christ.  I desire to see the everyday experiences of living as opportunities to let my light shine. Ministry opportunities abound for all of us wherever we are and with whomever the Lord may providentially place us with.

John the Baptist is one of the great Bible characters. His God-ordained role was to prepare the way for the Lord Jesus. One of the simplest, yet profound, statements indicating his primary role is found in the daily text, "He (Jesus Christ) must become greater; I must become less."  That's not only an appropriate statement for John but is a godly mindset and heart attitude for all of us!

As I've pondered John's statement in recent days I consider how it's an ongoing commitment that needs refreshing and renewal on a regular basis.    Essentially we need to live with this attitude; "He must become greater; I must become less." He is the Light; we're merely His reflection.  It really is all about Christ!

Be encouraged today,

Stephen and Brooksyne Weber

Daily prayer: Jesus, anything good or praiseworthy in my life is simply a reflection of Your abiding presence in me.  Help me to grow in Your grace and knowledge so that I place more emphasis on Your kingdom than on my achievements.   The only true success in my ministry is when I point others to You and deflect anything that would center upon me.  I want to walk in humility today as I pray, "Jesus, You must become greater in my life, but I must become less."  Amen.

Amish music ministry
The Amish have some interesting customs and beliefs that are different from the majority of people.  I can't say I really understand many of their customs, but I realize there are people that would not understand some of my customs as well (and this applies to all of us). To really grasp this concept one must consider customs from other cultures that vastly differ from our own.   I suppose due to a desire to avoid worldly influences and to maintain a simpler lifestyle the Amish do not have radios and other musical players in their homes. However his work truck does have a radio and Jesse enjoys listening to Christian music when we are in the truck and is actually quite familiar with contemporary music.  His wife is home with the kids and except when they are traveling together can't listen. He really likes the song "Heart of Worship" with the line I reference in the message above. He told me he would really like his wife to hear the song so he asked me if I would call him and place it on his answering machine. Here's the online version I sent to her via phone!  Here's a photo (notice the phone next to the speaker!)

As mentioned above here's a great online version of the song "Heart of Worship" recorded in a church service in British Columbia Canada.  This song is also played by Brooksyne on the background of today's podcast. As Brooksyne was reviewing the materials this morning she suggested two other songs that relate to today's theme:  "Once Again"   "Here I am to worship"

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