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Monday, July 3, 2006

"The Days Of Old"

"Remember the days of old" (Deuteronomy 32:7).

One of the great features of family reunions is reminiscing and I've had plenty of that the last several days as I've been sharing together with my relatives in Wisconsin.  This has been a great family tradition since I was a kid, although at that time we didn't consider them reunions just all getting together at our grandparents.

We remembered the childhood story of when my cousin opened a bottle of cold RC cola from the machine at the feed mill and after drinking half the bottle noticed a dead cockroach at the bottom.  I chuckled with another cousin recalling the time he grabbed a big hedge apple as we rode on the back of a farm wagon behind a tractor.  He didn't let go and it slung him off the wagon onto his behind. We have a lot of memories like that.

We also have some serious memories. It's harder to share and write about these.  The older you get the more you have and those special moments mean all the more.

"Remember the days of old."  Our roots are so important. I believe primarily this verse refers to a recollection of how God has worked in the past as recorded in the Scriptures. Our roots also include our own family roots and we do well to stay connected and to remember these days of old.  Roots also have an application for our own walk with the Lord and our own "days of old." 

Each of us has roots. Some memories are pleasant while others are not. But as we look back we see God's faithfulness, His provision and His tender care. This gives us a faith lift for the situations we are currently facing and the various uncertainties that we're currently dealing with. May the Lord help each of us to see the presence of His hand along our earthly journey until we all meet in the Promised Land.  Above all, may we all be rooted and grounded in Him.

Today I believe one of the great strategies of Satan is a blurring and deemphasis of history, whether that be the deceptions of the revisionists or the extremely poor grasp of history evident among so many young people, particularly here in America.  If Satan can get us to lose perspective of the past a trap is set for the lie of living only for the "Now".  Forget the past and we place little value on the future, supremely our eternal future.  Let's remember the days of old.

Be encouraged today,

Stephen C. Weber

Brooksyne's prayer: Jesus, we read of Your great works and miraculous provisions throughout the generations.   Remembering the days of old helps us to see that You alone led Your people and You blessed them beyond measure.  We are not self-sufficient but our sufficiency is totally reliant on the Ancient of Days!  You are the same yesterday, today and forever.  Even as You brought Your people through in the days of old You will see us through all the way to the other side of eternity!  Praise Your name Lord Jesus, my Rock and my fortress.  In You I will trust!

Here's a photo of my Steincross cousins in attendance at the 2006 reunion (13 of 16)
Steincross cousins

One of the restaurants in Door County Wisconsin has a grass roof (live grass, not thatch). Goats walk all over the roof eating the grass!  Sure beats hoisting a lawnmower up on the roof!!
Goats on roof

"Ancient of Days" is a song Brooksyne suggests as a musical supplement to today's message. (mp3 audio)

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