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Friday, June 2, 2006

"Eternal Resource"

"And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus" (Philippians 4:19).

This morning at 6:00 I received a call from my Amish neighbor who needed a ride to check out measurements at a jobsite. He is an artisan stonemason and is building a decorative stone wall at a mansion under construction near Lancaster. As I waited for him I walked through the massive house. It's in a neighborhood of equally pretentious homes set on large wooded lots.

As I stood back and observed this enormous house the Lord spoke to my heart with the daily verse, which I committed to memory many years ago as a young believer. As I considered the tremendous disparity in living conditions all around the world the words of a song came to mind:

All of you is more than enough
For all of me,
For every thirst and every need,
You satisfy me with your love,
And all I have in You is more than enough!

We often tend to use the daily text to bring reassurance in regard to a very specific financial need. For instance, one Christian may share this promise with another who is having trouble making a car payment stating, "God will meet all your needs."

I'm thankful that God indeed does meet these kinds of needs but I feel in our tendency to apply the verse in this way we may limit the rich extent of the truth of this verse. The apostle Paul is writing from prison and expressing thanks to the Philippian believers for their support of his ministry (v.16). Our financial needs vary depending upon the extent of material blessing.

As I prepare this message I am aware of the varying degrees of material prosperity among readers, particularly since this ministry has an international reach. This morning I received a comment message from a reader in a part of the world where Christians are viciously oppressed. How different his circumstances are than mine, but also in the deepest ways, how similar his needs are to mine.

Of course in a sense due to the technology needed to access this material all readers are probably way better off than many who would have no way of receiving this. However, even among readers, there is a wide range of "prosperity" in terms of material possessions.

However the truth of this verse has absolute universal scope, particularly when applied as a spiritual resource.  I sure want to see the truth this way, not merely as an assurance that the Lord will take care of a specific bill.

Today I want to especially encourage my brothers and sisters facing needs.  It may be that you just can't imagine how God will meet them.  May divine assurance well up within you as you consider the marvelous extent of His glorious riches in Christ Jesus as an eternal resource absolutely sufficient to meet any need!

Be encouraged today,

Stephen C. Weber

Brooksyne's prayer: Jesus, when our own available and familiar resources are inadequate we begin to consider Your all-sufficient, inexhaustible resources that You readily provide for Your children.  When we rely solely on the resources that this world provides we miss the supernatural provision You want to supply.  Help us to live by faith and not by sight as we call upon You, the Giver of all good things.

Brooksyne's Note:   In my personal Scripture study I read today in Judges 6 how God told Gideon to downsize the Israelite army from 32,000 to merely 300 men to fight an army of 135,000 Midianites!  God wanted Israel to completely trust in Him, not the size of their army. Warren Wiersbe comments on this passage in his book "With the Word"; "When God strips away your resources, it is not to impoverish your life but to enrich your faith."   May this truth encourage any today who feel they are facing a massive obstacle.  May you place unwavering, confident faith in God who supernaturally provides for all of your needs.

Here's the note I received this morning. I purposefully obscured the specific country due to possible screening which would endanger readers in this country.  He is responding to yesterday's message in which I shared my frustrations (painful toil) in working out the website situation.  This is a particularly blessed form of encouragement! He also sent a photo of him and a group of his friends who meet for Bible Study.

"Bro. Stephen your labor in the Lord will not be in vain.  The more pain you feel the more meaningful and rewarding it is for us who eagerly await your mails and to those hearers of your sermons everywhere you go.  Just imagine the fruit of your labor the daily encouragement is circulating to so many Christians by personal email in *******.  Others may keep on forwarding it to the entire Middle East as people were blessed by the messages and the inspiring prayer of your wife Brooksyne. More power to you brother to withstand any kind of pain God bless you…."

(It's these kind of messages that greatly encourage Brooksyne and me in our work!)

Here’s an audio of the song titled "Enough" I quoted from in today's message. It sure stirs my heart and floods me with assurance regarding that which matters most!

The entire website has been transferred to another server and the site is now working well. Special thanks to Brad in Canada for his help with this.  Some features still aren't working properly such as the comment page but I know Brad will help me get this straightened out as well

I am also able to again share a photo today of this variegated pink rose we have in the front of our house.
Photo of variegated pink rose

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